Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cleansing review : Biore 2in1 cleansing wash

This Biore 2in1 cleansing wash was so popular among Indonesian beauty blogger last year. I remember around last year before i travelled to Jakarta I read many posts about this product. I think around 4 or even more indonesian beauty bloggers i followed wrote a post about this. So of course, i was interested. By the time i was in Jakarta i bought this from Supermarket (It's available in almost big markets). But then since i also purchased korean cleansing products, so i kept this one aside. I tried it a few times when i was in jakarta, and since i finished my innisfree apple cleansing oil, now i decided to back to this one.

So what is it?
This is claims as 2 in 1, as a face cleanser and make up remover. Really..?it sounds too good to be true right, a make up remover in cleansing wash?
The information on the packaging is quite good an clear, so if you have no clue about what it is, you can read the information there.
So from the information written there, it claims to remove make up, sun screen/sun block, make up base, foundation and dirt. it also give moisturizer and will not make your face dull. Woaaaa,,, what a magic cleansing! well, let's try it out first.

the texture :
 it's like light liguid soap, not thick. it smells ok.. well, actually it smells similar like biore body wash, but this one smells lighter and softer.
add a little water, and it will foam like this. it's easy to foam and feels light.

how to use :
squeeze the product out to your hand, add a little water to make foam, then massage gently on your face, rinse with water.
To see if it really remove make up, i made this test;

various make up; lip gloss,lipstick , gel eye liner, pencil eye liner, bb cream, pencil eye shadow.
then i started to rub the cleanser gently. some make up started to melted with the cleanser.

yup.. that's the result!! i couldn't remove the gel eyeliner with this soap although i tried to rub it many times and even added more soap. So it turned out that it can't remove waterproof make up, and in fact as you can see from the picture, other make up also not removed compeletely. You can see there is a trace of colour make up there.

what i think about this..
Well, since it coudn't remove all make up, i will not use use it as a make up remover. I will use this as a second step of cleanser only. So i still use cleansing oil or cleansing lotion, then use this one to remove all the residue.
Maybe it is good as a face cleanser to remove dirt, but not make up. I actually like this cleanser because it doesn't make my face dry or feel tight.it's a good cleanser for the morning, and sometimes i also used it at night but when i din't put make up or if i did, i used this after other cleanser.
Overall, for a product that you can find in supermarket with very affordable price, this is quite good.


Xiao Vee said...

nice review :)
sayang ga mempan buat makeup waterproof >.<

shi zhan said...

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