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skin care review : baviphat fruit therapy samples part 2

On my previous post here i wrote about Baviphat strawberry toxifying mask, apple all in one peeling gel and apple ac therapy sleeping pack. I still have some of baviphat fruit therapy samples, so today i will review them!

first..Baviphat mango steam scrub
what is this? (Mango Steam Cleanses pores and exfoliates) Pores are gently warmed with relaxing mango steam and opens for deep cleansing. Natural scrub to remove old skin cells, blackheads and excessive sebum. Regular use for healthy pores and smooth skin. [ Key Ingredients and Benefits ] Mango Extract : elminates dirt for crystal-clear skin tone, increases skin elasticity, brightening effect 
I read some reviews about this on some beauty bloggers, and many of them said that this scrub will turn hot as you rub it on your face, so becareful of that burning sensation. well, how is it for me?

my experience with baviphat mango steam scrub
first, it smells delicious! it smells like a mango jelly.. so sweet and yummy. love it...
the texture :
the texture is this creamy jell with some tiny scrubs.
So the first time i tried, i applied this scrub on my wet face, then rub and massage gently. i was prepared for the surprise of burning or hot feeling on my skin, but turned out i didn't feel that. Then i wash it off with water, and by the time i pat dry with towel, i started to feel the sensation. i felt my face warmed up. woaa,, why i got this effect late? lol but anyway it didn't hurt or burn feeling and didn't last long so it was ok for me.
The second time i tried this, i applied on dry skin. As i massaged gently, it turned warm! not hot, just warm but some might feel discomfort with that specially those with sensitive skin, could feel like burning i think. and then i washed it off with water, and that's it. it's easy and quick step one.
The result?
well, sorry to say that the result is not visible. I didn't feel much effect like brighten, super soft or super moisturised after using this. it felt just like a facial foam with scrubs. or maybe i should use this continuesly to see result, i don't know. for me it's just a nice sample from Baviphat but i will not buy the full size of this.

Next is..Baviphat lemon white sleeping pack
what is this? An overnight mask formulated with Vitamin C rich lemon extract suppresses melanin formation and prevent hyper-pigmentation. Arbutin then hastens skin whitening for a fairer complexion with beautifully even skin tone. Uniformly apply mask on cleansed skin before going to bed. Wash off in the morning. Regular use of sleeping mask diminishes the appearance of dark spots and freckles.

my experience with baviphat lemon white sleeping pack
First, it smells sweet with a hint of lemon or citrus. the scent of lemon is not too strong, in fact by the time i applied this on my face the scent dissapeared and turned into just like normal unscent lotion.
the texture..
 it's a creamy gel-like, easy to apply, it felt smooth on my face.
i think this one is similar with the baviphat apple as therapy sleeping pack. Not superb product, but quite nice, it's just like a night cream for me. it kept my face moisturised during the night. and of course i can't comment on whitening effect since i only have samples.

and then,,Baviphat peach all in one waterfull cream
what is this? A multi-functional skin treatment minimizes pore size, brightens complexion and steeps skin with generous moisture, with a single application. Rich and refreshing cream is packed with vitamin C rich extracts that help whiten and brighten skin. Gently massage cream on cleansed and toned skin until fully absorbed. By Baviphat. - With Beta-Glucan which can help to keep the skin moisture & elastic. 

my experience with Baviphat peach all in one waterfull cream
it also smells delicious! it smells like a jelly.. peach jelly maybe? 
the texture..
a transparant creamy gel. easy to apply and feels smooth on the skin.
Overall, this peach cream remind me of skin food vita c cream for the texture, effect and the feeling on my skin, and tony moly multi play cream for the function as all in one or multi purpose cream.
I applied this at night as a night cream, and i really like it. A LOT. it moisturised my skin really well and smoothen my skin too. i like this cream. For this year i have ordered the skin food steam milk cream but maybe next year or in the future when i need an extra cream, i might get this one.

and the last but not least..baviphat peach all in one peeling gel
what is this? A multi-functional skin treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, minimizes pore size and brightens complexion with a single application. Peeling gel is packed with vitamin C rich peach extracts to whiten and brighten skin.

my experience with baviphat peach all in one peeling gel
first, it smells fresh, sweet,, a hint of peach? not too peachy in my opinion. well, i think all baviphat products in this line they all smells sweet and delicious.. just what i like.
so this is another peeling gel from baviphat. for me it's just same like the apple peeling gel, what makes it different is only the scent. as for the effect  i don't feel the difference.

so... that's it for my baviphat samples. From this post my favourite is the peach all in one waterfull cream.
But overall, all this baviphat fruit line are cute products, from packaging and the scent. the effect some are just so so, but some are good, like the peach all in one waterfull cream and strawberry toxifying mask. so, if you are interested to try, just try it. or just ask for samples.

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