Sunday, July 15, 2012

perfume review : Anna sui forbidden affair

Alhough my previous anna sui perfumes are not finish yet, i already got the new one (thanks to my hubby). Yup, Anna sui perfumes are my favourite. You can check my post here about anna sui perfumes i've tried. This one i bought at SOGO plaza senayan, and i was happy that i bought it there. The nice SA gave me some anna sui freebies!!!! look,, this is what i got for free;

i got a disco metalic pink cosmetic bag, a miniature of anna sui secret wish (OMG this is my fav prefume ever!) and 2 samples perfume of forbidden affair
this is the miniature of anna sui secret wish.. yeaaaayyy now i have the mini size of my favourite perfume.. now i can take it anywhere..
and this is the sample of forbidden affair..

ok now back to... Forbidden affair..
The packaging is cute, nice, uniqe and sooo girly, just like other Anna sui perfumes packaging. i loove all anna sui packaging.
 This one the theme is purple and princess.. with a cap lool like a crown.

i'm not an expert of perfume scent so it's hard to describe what's nehind the scent. anyway.. i googled it and i got this long,nice  and clear information from

Forbidden Affair is the new fragrance from the imaginative designer Anna Sui inspired by the land of dreams, fairy tales and fantasy. In this world, every girl can feel like a princess; she can be adorned and privileged, allowing herself a dangerous and forbidden romance with the prince of her dreams. Forbidden Affair fragrance reflects the forbidden love and a wild longing, fantasies and some long-past times, revealing the hidden passions that you did not know existed.
The fragrant composition incorporates, for the first time, Cyclodextrin technology. This technology allows the top notes to re-emerge over and over again, invigorating for an ongoing sparkling fresh fragrance experience.
Anna Sui Forbidden Affair begins with a romantic fairy tale told by fresh lemon and red and black currants, which are slowly developing into the heart of raspberry, rose petals and pomegranate. Tempting and somewhat mysterious aromas make this perfume not as innocent as it may seem. Intriguing accords of violets, cedar and musk form a seductive base of long-term affection.
Top notes: lemon, black currant, red currant.
Heart: raspberry, rose, pomegranate.
Base: violet, musk, cedar.
The whole design concept is dedicated to a secret rendez vous between a prince and a princess with the taken from traditional fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. It was inspired by Baroque and Rococo gardens, Baroque palaces, boudoirs, royal fashion and the lavish lifestyle. This style brings us back to the mid-18th century.
A secret garden and a gate where lovers meet in the dusk, in order to remain unnoticed by king and queen, is portrayed on the perfume box. The bottle itself is shaped like oval mirrors of baroque boudoirs. The stopper is shaped like a rose bud that is about to blossom, symbolizing the Anna Sui brand.
The well-known British model Lily Donaldson is the face of the campaign, shown standing near the gates of the palace dressed in a princess lavender dress, with tiara on her head and crown jewelry making her dreamy and stylish. 

What i think about this perfume..
 it has a sweet and nice scent, and it's soft.. not that strong. i like it, it's just like secret wish, but this one smells more mature & grown up than secret wish. This forbidden affair is like for when you are spending some romantic time with your husband or have a date.. because it smells romantic. i love it. not as much as i love secret wish, but you know what, this one is number two on my fav list! Now i can't wait to try the new one from anna sui, Rock me.


Yuri said...

Ooohhh another Anna Sui perfume review! Jadi jadi?? number two on your list berarti ini must-try juga dong ya huhuhu *tambahin ke list belanja* ;p

Thanks for the review, and you got lotsa bonus there, lucky you! :D


justsoyouknow said...

Indeed I've noticed that all of Anna Sui perfume bottles are well-designed.
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shi zhan said...

レイバンclubmasterはストリートを統治していると言われ、1986年誕生以来、急速に人気を博し、人気定番の仲間入りを果たした。特徴は何といっても、1950年代の人気レイバン モデルを元としたそのレトロなデザインでしょう。レトロが強い今時期でも新鮮であり、レイバンの定番となっている。

mei gracia said...
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mei gracia said...

how much is the price ??

goshhh, you're really lucky to get those freebies !
is it everyone buying the forbidden affair can get those merchandises ?

answer me pretty please, need to drive to sogo now :p


galleryibu said...

i forgot how much, was it aroung 500.000? i'm sorry,, can't remember. my husband paid for this.
not all counter will gift you gift. you should ask. they always have gift you know, but sometimes they just keep have to ask i think

Aisoice Hitado said...

Terima kasih infonya gan.
Lumayan buat nambah wawasan.

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Anna Sui Perfume.


Parfum Favorit said...

Anna Sui Botol nya lucu lucu sekali yah..

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