Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hair care review : the body shop Banana shampoo & conditioner

this would be a short review, since it's not my favourite products. i'm so sorry again, the body shop..
i was interested to try this because..
  • it's banana, it smells delicious
  • i like a set of shampoo and conditioner, specially with delicious scent, not cosmetic artificial fragrance smell like most shampoo from the supermarket.
this is the information the body shop banana shampoo & conditioner :
go banana-rama for this gourgeusly fruity shampoo.it leaves hair super sheeny, just like our origina; one. Now with community trade banana puree.
for all hair types.

 my experience with this shampoo & conditioner :
  • they smell similar. not like the real banana or banana pure, but smells more like banana candy or cake. it smells nice though.
  • the texture is really thick. even the shampoo is thick. maybe the thickest shampoo i've ever tried? and the conditioner is even thicker.
  • how is it for my hair? too bad, it doesn't help with my tangled-dry hair. maybe the function of this shampoo is only to clean the hair, that's it. my hair still tangled even i just washed my hair. and the scent doesn't stay long, not even a day.

left : shampoo right : conditioner
so, overall i'm dissapointed with this one.  still have many products left and i can't even be bother to finish it. just put them aside and start to use other shampoo and conditioner.

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Frozen Blossoms said...

hi sis ilove body shop too!!!