Monday, March 5, 2012

from my kitchen : ABC sambal terasi

Today's post is dedicated to all indonesian around the world.
Living far away from home, the next thing i miss after my family friends is.. the food. You have no idea how i'm always craving for indonesian food, and although i learned to cook, i can't cook many indonesian food because no ingridients available. If you live in big city or city with many indonesian, you might found indonesian restaurant or shop that sells indonesian or at least south east asian spices. I joined yahoogroups for indonesian who live abroad. In some middle east country like egypt, ksa, uae where so many indonesian live and work there, they can easily found indonesian food. In some city in USA and Europe also some say they found indonesian restaurant. But not all of them are lucky. like me. hehe..i read a story of an indonesian who live somewhere in Africa, she couldn't find a shop who sell asian spices or ingridients.

well, now i'm gonna share this sambal (chilli paste) that won my heart.
it is sambal terasi ABC. on my last holiday to Jakarta, as usual before i left my family always asked what did i want to take with me back to Yemen. My list almost same like the other year. krupuk (indonesian crackers), kecap manis (sweet soya sauce) and some indonesian ready made sauce from munik, bamboo, indofood, etc. My auntie told me there is this ABC sambal terasi (chilli paste with shrimp paste) that is so delicious to eat with rice and chicken, seafood, or anything. I was interested so i started looking. turned out that it was not easy to find this jar. i couldn't find it in giants and carrefour. Thank God i found it in Hero pondok indah mall.
here it is;
so, how is it?
for me, it's amaaaaziiinnggg.... i looove it.. i could just cook rice and chicken and eat it with this plus kecap manis. not just it is good to eat with chicken or seafood as a dipping sauce, it is also great to make nasi goreng kampung (fried rice) and mi goreng (fried noodle). Just saute the garlic, onion, sambal terasi, add the topping (meat ball, vegetable, sausage or anything you like), then add rice or noodle, kecap manis, there you have delicious nasi goreng/mi goreng that will remind you of home.

well, if you live in Indonesia maybe you don't think you need this, because whenever you are craving for this you can just go to sundanese restaurant or event any seafood and nasi uduk stall on the street, you can have it fresh from the "ulekan", not something from a jar.
Unless you are a type who cook and eat at home, and you can't be bother to make your self sambal terasi, you can use this. or as a spicy paste to make fried rice, you can keep this.
and it's very recommended for those who live outside Indonesia, either a housewife, worker, or college students who study abroad, whenever you go back to Indonesia, take this with you when you come back. or you can buy it online! when i search this on google, i found a website based in london who sell this. this is the link
so whenever you miss indonesian food, you can have this yummy sambal terasi. i really really regret that i just bought and took one jar with me. at that time i didn't taste it yet so i just bought one for tester. it is almost finish now and i promised myself next time i will buy 6 jars fo rmy stock.
i finished the whole jar!


sekararum said...

Iya ini enakk. Tapi aku gag repurchase. Lagi mengurangi makanan olahan pabrik soalnya :D

Lovely CosMe said...

Ini pedes banget kalo ga salah inget..

Anonymous said...

Wah, walau tinggal di indonesia aku blm pernah nyoba ini, dan setelah baca, it sound delicious.. mau nyoba ah

yanty said...

Suka banget sama sambal terasi ABC...