Thursday, March 1, 2012

hair care review : Taman sari royal heritage green coconut shampoo & coconut milk conditioner

Taman sari royal heritage is a brand under the Big cosmetic company in Indonesia, Mustika Ratu. Taman sari royal heritage is also known as the spa. Anyway, this is some information i got from the official website;

Product of Taman Sari Royal Heritage are created based on traditional recipe from Keraton (Javanese Palace) that has been used hereditary in hundred years.The founder, Hj. BRA Mooryati Soedibyo is the grand daughter one of the king in Java. Based on research, these products give tremendous solutions for any problem you have. This products can be applied individually at your home or used by professionals at beauty salon and spa in many countries, such as Europe, Middle East, or North America.

 Inspired by the real ‘Taman Sari’, PT.Mustika Ratu created Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa which opened in Sheraton Mustika Hotel Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 1997. Then Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa Jakarta, Indonesia, in September 2000. Followed by the others, managed by franchise system. Since we are also expanding the business in local Indonesia, such as Riau, Palembang, Kampung Sampireun Garut-West Java, Anyer, Bintan also in around the world, such as Malaysia, Zao-Japan, Czech Republik, Whistler-Canada, Bulgaria, also Langkawi – Malaysia in May 2008 and others in the near future

So actually Taman sari royal heritage started from spa for many kind of treatment, and the later on they decided to also sell the products so the customers can enjoy it at home.
Anyway, i like their spa!! it all started before my wedding day, when i was hunting for spa treatment. And besides mom n jo spa, Taman sari spa was also my alternative. there where i fell in love with the products. i love the natural scent of the products, and i bought many sets straightaway.

Recently i found this set of shampoo and conditioner in the market, so i bought it to try out. Well, let's start then.

first, the shampoo.
it comes with this tube plastic packaging, it's transparant, so you can see the shampoo inside
green coconut shampoo containing cocos nucifera,D-panthenol and vitamin E for preventing hair damage. Completed with anti dandruff agent for preventing dandruff.

The texture is interesting. it is gel-creamy, with some green particle. when i scooped out the product, the green particle didn't come out. but you can see it her;
can you see that small-small green dots? they are not from the packaging, but from the product inside. i don't know what they are, and there is no explanation i could found.

anyway, the shampoo smells great. smells fresh like lime mix with some natural herbs, it doesn't smell like coconut at all. smell soo natural, just like a spa product.
the product itself, actually i could feel my hair getting dry during my shower time. it's a little bit weird, how when i started massage this shampoo on my scalp, and down to the hair, my hair felt dry although i was under the shower and my hair totally wet. i don't like that feeling, but thank God after the conditioner it's all good.

next is the conditioner.
benefits :
coconut milk conditioner containing coconut milk, complemented with citrus fragrance and vitamin E.use as conditioner.

this one is also smells citrus, no smell coconut milk at all. the scent is really nice, natural and fresh. the texture is creamy, more creamy and thicker than any conditioner i have tried.
the white-creamy one is the conditioner and the clear gel one is the shampoo.
the conditioner itself is not what i expected. well, it gave moisturised after the shampoo, but i don't feel the conditioner absorbs to my hair really well. But, the good thing is, the smell stay on my hair!! it's not easy to find shampoo/conditioner that the smell will last long in my hair. but this one it stays all day! it's a good thing for me!!


overall, what i like most from this set is the scent. how nice it is and how it stays long. But other than that, it is not hair care i'm looking for. maybe for others it will work better.


Yuri said...

I just made a little review on this moisturizer in my blog too, i love it because the smell does stay longer than other brands ya?

Kalo aku biasanya pas pake conditionernya didiemin rada lama di rambut, baru berasa lembab dan wanginya lebih tahan lama lagi hohoho

Tapi sayangnya, ini agak susah dicari yaa. I'm running out of my stock and I couldn't find them in the supermarket or the website huhuhu I hope I can find it soon before my stock really runs out.

By the way, I'm your new follower ;)


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