Tuesday, March 13, 2012

mask review : skin food gold kiwi hydrating mask

As you can read on my previous post about skin food gold kiwi skin care set, this is another stuff from the same line, which is gold kiwi hydrating mask. i bought only one for tester (it comes in small small plastic container like butter or jam for breakfast). Well, the full size is actually comes with 10 of them. Anyway, better show you with pictures;
The full set, you will get 10 of 8gram each.
the packaging is cute, just like a butter packaging right.
from skin food's website :
Highly moisturizing GoldKiwi Mask Moisturizer pack restores and renews your skin from deep under, using a substance found in goldkiwis.
[A Secret in GoldKiwi fruits] Do you know that New Zealanders eat goldkiwis without peeling them off not to miss out their nutritional effects? Skinfood has newly discovered a substance found in the goldkiwis's skin, helps restore your sun-damaged skin from deep under.

* To Use
- After washing your face, apply the mask in a little bit thick layer to your face, avoiding the eye area.
- Leave on skin for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with cool water.
- For more intensive care for hydration, apply an adequate amount of the mask, avoiding the eye area, and rub gently into your skin, at the end of the basic cosmetic touches before going to bed.
- Apart from your face, other body parts such as the neck, arms and legs can keep hydrated and smooth when they are exposed to too much of ultra sunlight.

heeemmm, so i guess it's 2in1 product. first, you can use it as a regular wash off mask, and second you can use it as a sleeping pack. or even 3in1 if you count how you can use this also for any part of your body. as for me, i wont use it for body. let's stick with the face with this.

what i think about it..
  • first, the scent is sweet fragrance, not something i expected from skin food's product. I always expected skin food's product to smell yummy and delicious. hehe. this one is not even smell like kiwi or at least fruity? it is just regular sweet scent, like the other set of this line, only a little bit stronger.
  • the texture is very thick gel, pale yellow-ish colour
now i will tell you my experience using this as a wash off mask. Yesterday, i felt my skin started to have the same usual problem. i got this problem once in awhile since i lived here in Yemen, especially when the weather gets very dry and windy, my skin will be very sensitive and dry. dry-flaky patch here and there, burning or hot sensation when i apply toner and lotion, some redness, even sometimes some red spots. arrrrggghhhh. so i thought, this would be a good time to try this mask which is claimed for "hydrating". so i applied it al over my face. i didn't apply all because i wanted to try the rest for sleeping mask. Even before one minute after this mask applied on my face, it started to give me this burning and hot sensation, plus itchy all over my face. i felt like i wanted to wash it off straightaway. but i waited. after 5 minutes or so, that feeling was gone and it was ok. So, i think it's not suitable for sensitive skin. i shoud try again when my skin back to normal condition. 
After 10 minutes, i washed it off with water. there was this warm feeling during that proccess. it was easy to wash off, not sticky like some other wash off mask. The result is.... nothing, really. seriously. it was just after i wash my face with cleansing product.

overall, i'm dissapointed. this mask did nothing to me. in fact it feels just any regular lotion, not a mask. so if you are still interested, try one as a tester first to see if it works for you. Because maybe it's just my skin is in a bad conditon and needs something else contain aloe vera. if your skin is normal, maybe it will work for you.

update on march 14th, 
i just tried it again last night as a sleeping mask, i applied this as the last step of my night skin care. applied just like lotion, not too much because i'm affraid it would be sticky. the result is actually not bad. it kept my skin moisturised during the night. i guess this one is better as a sleeping mask than a wash off mask.

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