Tuesday, March 6, 2012

eye liner review : skin food choco eyeline jam

Last year i tried etude house code b gel eyeliner, and fell in love with it, not just the product but the eye liner with gel type. Before gel eye liner normally i just used pencil eye liner, and sometimes for special ocasion liquid eye liner. But i'm not really good with liquid eye liner (it was really hard to draw with it!). and now i think i'm converted to gel eye liner, at least for awhile. let's see in the future maybe they come up with another type of eye liner.

My etude house code b gel eye liner is dry now. once i forgot to close the lid, and that's  it. when i came back it was already dried. :( Well, i'm not really sad. for me it's an excuse to try other product. i chose skin food because well, skin food is my fav brand, and i read some good reviews abut this, so i chose number 2, which is brown.
The eye liner comes with this cute little glass jar. yup, it's a glass little jar, not plastic. so cute, just like a jam. maybe that's why skin food named it eyeline jam, not gel.
so, how is it?

  • the texture is creamy and thick, easy to apply. there is no eye liner brush comes with it, so make sure you have one before you buy this.
  • the colour is pretty. dark brown, natural on the eyes. sometimes when i wear black eye liner i felt too much, but with this colour it looks natural and perfect for me who is a housewife and mother who went out only for shopping for grocery and meet some friends or family, not meeting with client or hang out in a hip-happening cafe.
  • just need a second or two to dry, so you don't have to wait long to set on your eye lid.
  • it's waterproof. i drew a line on my hand, and then i tried to remove it with water and i couldn't. i needed  my cleansing oil to remove it
this is the swatch
for me it is really good product. even better than etude house code b gel eye liner, in my opinion. too bad it doesn't comes with extra eye liner brush, so it would be not to practical for travelling.But still, it's very recommended!


dilla said...

huaaa thank you for this..
have you tried maybelline lasting drama gel liner before?
if u have can u compared those two?

Rini Cesillia said...

is it really waterproof? because it is cheaper than other brand so I was quite not sure about this product. But thanx to your review, seems like it is really waterproof ^^


Xiao Vee said...

huaaa.. looks so good :D but you should finish any gel eyeliner before it dries ;)

nice review!

galleryibu said...

dilla- i haven't tried maybelline one.i read some reviews about that and i would like to try! :)

Rini- yup, yesterday after make that swatch i tried to erase it with first tissue, then water, then water and tissue, i couldn't.