Sunday, March 4, 2012

lip gloss review : NYX mega shine lip gloss natural

I found many good reviews about this product, so i bought one to try myself. i chose natural one, because i already bought some other lip gloss in orange/peach and light pink colour, and this colour i didn't have. Actually, natural or lip look alike colour was my favourite lip colour back when i was in college. Then when i started to work light pink became my favourite colour, and recently i like peach or orange for my lip colour. Anyway, now let's back to thic lip gloss.
The packaging is just like any other lip gloss, nothing really special about it.
the applicator.
and now is the swatch..
pretty colour huh..
well, what i thought about this lip gloss is...
first, the scent is just like common cosmetic scent, not a lovely scent. the texture is nice creamy and not sticky. i like the texture. The colour, it looks pretty when i swatched on my hand, but on my lip, the colour didn't really show or came out like in the picture. in fact it looks pale on my lip. i am using it right now as i am writing this so i can see in the mirror how the colour make me look pale. or maybe i'm used to more fresh colour like orange or peach i've been using? hemmm.. maybe? but anyway, maybe i got the wrong colour. Maybe i should try another colour from nyx mega shine :)

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Rini Cesillia said...

wahhh swatch di tangan bagus, tp kalau di bibir ga ada gambarnya ya? pengen lihat :(