Wednesday, August 1, 2012

skin care sample review : The saem Gem miracle diamond cutting v lifting toner and emulsion

yeaaayyyy! another the saem sample! after having good impression of the saem sample before, which i wrote a review about it few days ago, i just can't wait to try more! i've been looking for indonesian seller who sell this but i can't find!
anyway.. this one is The saem Gem miracle diamond cutting v lifting line. woaaa.. what a long name. and wait.. did i read "Diamond" ? reallly? diamond as DIAMOND? noooo way.. it can't be true right. i mean.. gold, some of korean or non korean products released some product which claim with gold properties a few years back, but diamond? honestly i don't think it's true.

well, i searched on the net and only little information i got;
from :
The saem gem miracle diamond cutting v toner
Maintains the mineral level of the skin. It rejuvenates skin and reduces facial lines. Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, rejuvenating.
Content: 140 ml
How to use:
Apply in the morning and at night after cleansing. Use a cotton pad or your fingers.
The saem gem miracle diamond cutting v emulsion
Diamond as the symble of beauty for this emulsion that contains resilient lifting effect of vegetable extracts. It enhances skin vitality and defends skin from the aging process.
Content: 140 ml
How to use:
Use in the morning and at night. After cleansing, apply toner, followed by serum/essence. Apply emulsion afterwards.

Not really helpfull information anyway, there's no information about what it contains of. so i have no idea about the diamond thing or why they put diamond name on it.
but anyway, i will tell you what i think about this product.
First, the toner..
from the clear transparant bottle i could see there's some sparkle in glitter, something shiny dots.. If you know the skin food gold caviar toner you'll know what i mean.
i tried to take a picture of the toner but it doesn't really show the sparkle on the picture.
the toner itself has a soft perfumed scent, it smells so familiar but i can't figure out what it is.
The toner works great! just like the other the saem toner i tried. it's moisturizing, not the cooling type toner. it's a great toner, not just moisturised my skin but also smoothen it.
the emulsion..
the emulsion somehow smells like collagen. it's white colour, it looks watery but actually it is really rich moisturizer, enough to keep my face moisturised during day and night. it also make my skin feels smooth. not just that, during the application i could see my face looks fresh and brighter. woaaa.. another great product from the saem!
left : the toner and right : the emulsion.

overall, i really like this skin care from the saem, i think it's a great product too. i hope indonesian seller will have this brand soon o their pre order list!!


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