Thursday, February 23, 2012

indonesian body scrub review part 2 : sekar jagat

Part 2 of indonesian body scrubs i have in my drawer.. it's sekar jagat and bali ratih, both are balinese product. Sekar jagat is one of the most popular and for me sekar jagat is the first bali body scrub i knew. While Bali ratih came later, and regained popularity quite good, specially on the net. Well, they are from the same company anyway, a fact that i just found out because i just checked the website :). You can easily purchase both from many resellers on the net.

first is.. sekar jagat.
 from the website:
Kegunaan Lulur Sekar Jagat / Benefit :
Membuat kulit terasa lembut, halus serta tampak bersih dan harum. Sebelum digunakan bisa diletakan dalam lemari es untuk mempertahankan keawetan lulur.
Make the skin feeling soft, smooth and looks clean and fragrant. Before being used can be placed in the refrigerator to maintain the durability body scrubs.>
Estimasi Berat / Estimated Weight : 100 gr

Cara Pakai /How To Use :
Ambilal lulur secukupnya, oleskan pada bagian tubuh anda sambil digosok lembut hingga kotoran dan lapisan kulit yang mati terangkat.
Take scrubs sufficiently, then apply on your body parts as she rubbed gently to remove dirt and dead skin layers are lifted.
so many variants for this body scrub, or we call it "lulur". chocolate, strawberry, milk, green tea, avocado, coffee, bengkoang.. and many more. i have tried many of them and for me actually they have this particular basic scent, and only a little hint of scent in any other variant.
This is the kind of body scrub i like, the one that i apply on the dry skin, then start massage and rub the scrub off and all the dirt from the skin. This scrub is really easy to scrubb-of, doesn't give me any rash. and the result is great! extra soft and moisturised skin!

the texture is creamy with a soft scrub.the colour is depend on the variant. this one is strawberry, so it has a milky-light pink colour. while the milk variant has a white colour.

Bali ratih
Lulur Bali Ratih™ Traditional Body Scrubs adalah lulur tradisional yang diolah menggunakan teknologi modern yang bersih dan higienis dimana didalamnya terdapat bahan - bahan tradisional pilihan dan berkulitas dengan kandungan extract dan sari buah / tumbuh-tumbuhan yang berkualitas.

there are so many variants also for bali ratih. avocado, milk ,coffee, banana, grape, green tea, orange strawberry.. and more. i have only coffee and milk. This is my first time to try bali ratih. and... i was surprised that the milk, the one i already finished, has almost same scent with sekar jagat. Like they use same basic ingridients. well, maybe. in fact it's hard for me to find the difference between bali ratih and sekar jagat. both are just the same for me. in scent, texture, and result. Maybe from the scent bali ratih is softer than sekar jagat. The only thinf different is the price.Bali ratih is more expensive than sekar jagat. 
sorry. i finished the product so you can't see the texture. only a little left :)

overall, i like both sekar jagat and bali ratih. in fact i think i like all bali body scrub. because i remember other bali products i've tried, bali home spa, that i also like.


Ningrum said...

I have one from Sekar Jagat, the carrot a.k.a wortel one :) Just used it for the first time 3 hours ago... LOL.
I like it! :)

Frozen Blossoms said...

Wow im using asian secrets body scrub... I wanna try this, where can i get one here in pi?

galleryibu said...

frozen blossoms, this is the web for sekarjagat and bali ratih;

check if they can deliver to your country. if they can't, there are so many resellers out there, just type lulur sekar jagat or bali ratih on google, you will get many results of reseller.