Monday, February 6, 2012

mask sheet review : my beauty diary bird's nest mask

This would be a short review, because overall, there is no much difference with other my beauty diary mask i've tried.
Anyway, this one is bird's nest. Bird's nest? as a mask? for your face? hemmmmm...i don't really know what is this bird's nest suppose to do to our skin. no information in english about that on the packaging.
first, the scent, it smells like jelly-- those supermarket jelly.. what's the name of it? "swallow"? with that bird logo. it was very popular in Indonesia. well, it smells like that.
so i put it on my face lasti night, wait for 20minutes... well, it was a nice 20 minutes as i didn't feel any itchy or uncomfortable feeling. it felt cold on my skin, and after 20 minutes it was still very wet and moisturised, not drying. i waited for more.. then i took it off, and it was still soo wet and watery. my face was still wet with the liquid from the mask, i massaged a bit for the liquid to absorb in my skin, still wet. i have to wipe it gently with cotton pad before applying night cream.
and the result?
voila! nice fresh skin, brighter and moisturized. not bad at all. another recomendation mask from my beauty diary!

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