Friday, February 17, 2012

hair care review : L'oreal elvive re-nutrition nourishing mask

I have mentioned several times before here about how i need extra care for my hair. Fist, i need conditioner after shampoo, and i also need extra weekly care like creambath or hair mask. The weather here is very dry that makes my hair also dry and tangled.  I also mentioned some products i bought in the local supermarket here, and some of them were not good. But this one is definetely a keeper!! so glad that i found this here in Yemen.
so, what is this? well, this is a hair mask for extra nutrition for your hair.
from the packaging:
dicsover the re-nutrition nourishing mask with an "active serum inside" with royal jelly: it intensely nourishes even the driest hair. Results : replenished, your hair regains elasticity, bounce and silkiness. Direction for use : leave in on a washed and towel-dried hair for 1-2 minutes, then rinse.

So, although from the direction i suppose to wash my hair first and towel dry before applying this, sometimes i'm just so lazy to do that. I mean, after washing your hair you have to get out of shower, towel dry, apply the product, wait then back to the shower to rinse off--while your body already dry.. oh, i just hate that. So i just aplly it on my dry hair before shower, then shampoo like usual. And it worked just the same! when i first tried this mask, i followed the direction. shampoo, conditioner, then out of shower, towel dry, waiting and getting cold (specially when it is a winter) then back to shower.. and i found that the result is just the same than when i do it my way. So since then i just applied it on my dry hair, before shampoo. And sometimes i just let it stay on my hair for more than 2 minutes. sometimes 10 minutes.
This is how the mask look like. The texture is creamy, and it smells just like other l'oreal hair product but stronger scent.
i use this once a week before, but since now i have makarizo creambath, i use this once in every 2 weeks. So, saturday is like my hair care day. either with this hair mask or makarizo one.

the result :

Soft hair, smells nice all day. extra nourished, and all other nice benefits you could feel from a hair mask. For me, it really helps nourish my dry hair. so yes, it is recommended!


Imah Ayub ♥ said...

mmm, this sounds so delicious for something that you can use to spoil your hair.

check out my blog! :)

Angelsmiledoll A said...

I buy this cant wait to try it!
Why u are going again under the shower when your body is dry u can just turn head to the water not whole body thats how i do it :D Hope you understood me!

Wish u all best! :**