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indonesian body scrub review part 1 : vivelle & wardah

i am a fan of Indonesian Body scrub!!Specially bali scrub. Not just because of the cheap price but also the good quality. I have tried many Bali body scrub, from the famous sekar jagat, bali ratih, bali home spa, denara, and some other brands i forgot the name. I remember some years ago when i travelled to Bali, i stopped by in a department store in kuta, there was this section for Bali product. scrubs, soap, aromatheraphy, mask, candle, and many more. i was sooo excited and picked up many different products and brands.
Anyway, for now i will review other Indonesian scrubs, not Bali stuff. Vivelle and Wardah, which both you can found in supermarket near you.

Vivelle virgin coconut oil olive oil white tea
 why the name is so long? hehe. well, the variant is actually the white tea. the product is body scrub with olive oil anf virgin coconut oil. I also bought another variant, papaya.
from the packaging :
Lulur mandi
mencerahkan, melembabkan & melembutkan kulit.
virgin coconut oil berbeda dengan minyak kelapa biasa dari proses penyulingan. Tidak seperti minyak kelapa atau minyak mineral biasa. Virgin coconut oil terbukto dapat meresap ke dalam kulit untuk melembabkan dan melembutkan kulit. Rasakan bedanya setelah dipakai,kulit tampak menjadi lebih cerah, lembab, halus dan tidak berminyak. Butiran scrub mengangkat sel kulit mati penyebab kulit kusam. Olive oil mengandung anti-oksidan dan moisturiser alami yang melembabkan dan menghaluskan kulit. white tea extract untuk peremajaan kulit yang membuat kulit tampak lebih cerah dan halus.
cara pakai : gosokkan  pada seluruh tubuh saat mandi lalu bilas dengan air hangat bersih
the texture is like a lotion with small scrubs particle. it smells like a nice soap with a nice fragrant. cosmetic-soap fragrant, not smells something natural, or tea maybe? 
anyway, it was my bad that when i bought this i didn't read it said "lulur mandi", because i don't like lulur mandi. i like scrub type that you scrub on the dry skin then scrub it off all that dirt away then rinse with water. But this one is a type that you use it when you take a shower, just like you use your soap. I tried to apply this on my dry skin and scrub it off, just like bali blody scrub, but it didn't work! So this is just like a liquid soap with tiny scrubs. the result is also just like every after shower. overall, i am dissapointed. or maybe because this is not a product i am looking for. this is lulur mandi, for those who is reall busy and have no time to scrub part of your body one by one. Anyway, this is a cheap treat though. i forgot exactly the price, but it's under rp.10.000

Wardah Olive soft scrub
I first read about this wardah body scrub review on fashionesedaily Then not long after that, i read more reviews on some beauty bloggers. All the reviews are good, so i also picked one when i was in Jakarta.
from the packaging :
 olive soft scrub, lulur dengan butiran halus, efektif untuk mengangkat kotoran dan sel-sel kulit mati. Mengandung minyak zaitun yang melembabkan dan melembutkan kulit. Kulit menjadi bersih, kesat, halus, dan lembut. Dapat digunakan untuk kulit wajah.

cara pemakaian : Dalam keadaan kering sebelum mandi, oleskan wardah olive soft scrub ke seluruh tubuh dan wajah, lalu gosok merata. Diamkan 1-2 menit sampai scrub dan kotoran mengering dan meluruh. Bilas dengan air sampai bersih. Untuk perawatan, gunakan secara teratur setiap dua hari sekali.
there is another plastic cap inside
the texture is very thick and creamy, with tiny soft scrub, it's more like salt for me. it's lika a salt scrub.It smells soft fragrant. nice, not too much.

Anyway, this is the type of body scrub i like, the one that you apply on the dry skin, scrub it off, then jump to the shower to rinse it off. So i tried to apply on my body. well, the direction said wait 1-2 minutes until the scrubs get dry. So i waited, then started scrubbing. ouccchhh.. it hurted. Although it said soft scrub, but somehow i felt it was to harsh for my skin. i felt uncomfortable scrubbing it off. And by the time i finished scrubbing it off, my skin (specially arms) became red - like you just rub it with something hard like stone. I just continue and rinse off with water. well, the redness is of course gone, and the result is.. super soft skin, extra moisturized. I could feel my skin became very soft even before i finished shower. After towel dry, super soft, super moisturised. Nice and superb result actually, i just don't like how it was too hard for my skin.

In conclusion, wardah is better than vivelle, but i think bali scrub is stil my favourite! i will not repurchase both. I will just buy more bali scrubs, or try other brands.

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sekararum said...

Vivele terlalu licin untuk seleraku >'<. Tadinya mau nyoba wardah, tapi kayaknya kurang manteb yah?