Sunday, February 12, 2012

BB cream swatch&review : skinfood best BB collection gift set

I bought this set from The set contains 3 small tubes skinfood bb cream; mushroom, aloe and red bean. I guess they are best seller bb cream so they named the set as "Best BB collection". well, i have tried skin food mushroom and aloe before, and i liked them so when i saw this set i just bought them. it's always nice to have it in small tube so you can carry them everywhere, plus i got a chance to try the red bean one! yeaayyy.. Anyway, let's start with the swatch and review of them.

This mushroom line, from what i read before is for the wrinkle care and whitening. For me it is just so so. it is good bb cream, but not the special one. it smells nice fragrant (don't worry, it doesn't smell mushroom). i think it is suitable for normal skin. when my skin is normal i'm good with this bb cream. but when my skin getting dry or sensitivie, this won't do anything more to protect my skin.
i got this in shade 1. it suits me fine, but i think shade 2 would match my skin better. the texture is nice, light creamy and easy to apply. coverage is light to medium, can't cover blemish or any dark spot well.


This aloe i think suitable for sensitive skin, irritated skin, dry skin, summer, winter.. well. i'm sure i have mentioned about this bb cream many times in my previous post, how this bb cream is one of my favourite. well, for me this bb cream suits for summer, winter, and even when my skin was irritated and sensitive, this one is like my secret weapon. hehe.
it smell similar like mushroom bb cream, those nice skinfood fragrant type.the texture is light-creamy, easy to apply. i also got this one in shade 1. well, i think both shade of skinfood is ok for me.this one also provide onli light to medium coverage.

red bean
this red bean, from what i read is for dry skin. and i think it is really good for dry skin. i tried this one during this winter (well, it is still winter here) when i need extra moisturiser. and i'm happy that this bb cream can protect my skin during the day from getting dry. it smells similar like both mushroom and aloe. i don't know but for me they all have similar scent. this one also has a light-creamy texture. and as for coverage, i found it better than mushroom and aloe. some weeks ago i had this new blemish spot and for a while it left me a spot on my cheek, and i could cover it with this red bean bb cream. i didn't need extra concealer. i just applied a dot more on the spot, and that's it.
i also got this in shade 1, which is ok but again, i think shade 2 would be better in me, and i think if it was shade 2 this could be on my top 5 bb cream list. i don't know. i think so.

swatch all 3 bb cream
from left to right : mushromm-aloe-red bean. can you see the difference? i can barely see it. only that he aloe looks a little bit with pink tone i think.
let's see again with the flash;
with the swatch now i can see the red been is the lightest from all 3 and the mushroom is the darkest, although all are shade 1.

in conclusion, i like all 3 bb creams. no wonder why they call this set as the best collection. i don't even mind to buy another set of this, if it comes in shade 2.


Imah Ayub ♥ said...

oooo! I would love to try those BB creams, I only ever tried BB Creams from Holika Holika and Privia! I think I'll pick this up when I go to Skinfood follow me?

Nona Paula said...

Agree with Aloe Vera BB cream, that is my regular BB cream now after trying Skin 79 and The Face Shop BB cream, I don't like Mushroom because it makes my face so wet and the color tone is not suitable for my face skin

aliceorionaaxelle said...

i wanna buy these, u got 3 difference bb cream, wow that's sounds interesting for me
i just try one out (the the good morning-peach greentea)
i think i wanna try these out too
nice review