Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lip plumper review : the face shop lovely me; ex limp plumper 01

Lip plumper? well, this is my first one to try. well, actually i'm not interested with the plumper it offered. This year i just like lip tint/gloss more than lipstick, and i found some review and swatch about this product, and i like the colour. so i bought it.

The look is just like any other lip gloss/tint from the size and plastic packaging. Red colour, but clear red not bold red. Well, this is the swatch;
blend it well, it looks more orange than red. i really like the colour. so pretty.

this is the first time i have this kind applicator for my lip. well, it's easy to use though, but i prefer the 'normal' one, hehe.. sorry i don't know what's the name of both type applicator.

well, now i will share what i thought.
First time i applied this on my lip, i was surprised... with the hot feeling on my lip. yup! it gave me this burning hot sensation like you just applied a mint tooth paste on your lip. I don't like that feeling! and it last for quite long.. more than 3 minutes? i wanted to wash it with water straightaway. i dont' know, is it the effect of plumper? you feel your lip burning? hehehe.
After that first trial i knew i couldn't use it anymore. i don't like the feeling on my lip! it's hot! menthol but not cooling effect, mentholas in hot way! seriously.. is it just me? because from reviews i read they didn't mention about this uncomfortable hot sensation. Anyway, so i just put this one away....
...until one day, months later, i saw this and i thought, let's try again. i tried not to think too much about the hot sensation. i applied this everyday for the whole week,,, until somehow i think i get used to it. to the hot-burning sensation i mean, and i didn't feel it uncomfortable anymore. Besides after some minutes the hot burning sensation just gone.

So, overall, i like the colour, and the scent. ooopppsss forgot to tell, it smells nice too. flowery-mint, something like that. what i don't like is the hot sensation, although after a while i get used to it, still, it's a little bit annoying for me. As for the plumping effect, yes, a little but only if you apply it more than 2 stroke. the colour on the lip looks pretty, clear red, so natural red-orange, not too much and it doesn't stay long. after a meal it would be gone.


Anonymous said...

i like it! ^.^ so where can i buy this online ?? i live in canada..

sarahmeay.snm said...

Mahal tak kak?

aliceorionaaxelle said...

i used these too, but the other type aqua (like red water) it's not have any feel like burn on my lips .,, but i always worried that someday these liquid red water will fall out from the container if i accidentaly drop it.