Wednesday, November 28, 2012

skin care travel kit review : skin food ancient rice

This travel set contain skin food ancient rice toner, emulsion, cream and pack powder. Another cutie value set i got. what is it about ancient rice?
ancient rice story :
The valuable red, green and black rice were served for the royal family of United Silla, an ancient kingdom of korea. Depending on their colour, they provide different nutrients that benefit your skin.
  • red rice : enriched with polyphenols, a potent antioxidant.
  • green rice : chlorophylls, a green plant pigment have superb anti-inflammantory properties
  • black rice : enriched with anthocyanins, a chemical that increases elasticity in skin, results in dark colour.
(information from

Skin food has always been my fav korean brand, so i was hoping this will be great too. well, let's start one by one.

first up is the toner
This is a a liquid water type of toner. what i meant liquid here is that because lately i've been trying toner that has a thicker type like gel, not watery, and this type is the water type.there's no special scent from this toner, well i guess there's no special scent from rice right..
This toner refresh my face, gave a nice feeling after cleaning my face, and it doesn't dry the skin. overall, it's a good toner. just like any other skin food toner i guess.

next is the emulsion
The emulsion has a quite thick texture, not that runny watery emulsion type. this one is thick enough for an emulsion
when i applied it on my face, i knew it straightaway that it would be too thick and too rich for a day use. i was right. my face felt and looked greasy for a while. yup. it took some time for the emulsion to absorb in my skin.i have to do something else to wait until i could appy bb cream. I tried to use it at night, and even for night it's still too greasy.. i woke up with my nose super oily.
well, it's super rich and maybe would be good for people with extra dry skin, but not for me.

the cream

cute little jar of skin food cream.
can you see the texture of the cream? this one is supppperrr thick. for me it's more like balm or balsam than a cream.i need a spatula to scoop the cream out.
i told you about how rich and greasy the emulsion for me, now can you imagine this one that even thicker than emulsion? yuppp.. this one also waaayyy too thick and rich for me. although i just use it for at night, i dont like my face to feel greasy all night and woke up with super oily face. i just used this cream for 2 nights only and then i just stoped using it.

i haven't tried the mask pack yet, but as soon as i try, i'll write a post about it.
As for this set ancient rice set, in my conclusion, this set is not for me. not that i dissapointed on skin food, since this set didn't give me any breakout or anything, but it's just not for my skin type. maybe it's for those with extra dry skin. For me, i can only enjoy the toner.


Praveen Pandey said...

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Al Kautsarah Hanifati said...
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Al Kautsarah Hanifati said...

kk ini travel size skin food rice nya beli dmn? di riebutik or chic princes ad g ya?

galleryibu said...

ini waktu itu beli di chic princessa.. ga tau deh masih ada ngga ya.. coba cek aja.. :)