Sunday, December 2, 2012

mask review : skin food ancient rice pack & aloe mask sheet

skin food ancient rice pack powder and essence
This is the mask from the previous skin food travel set i reviewed, the ancient rice set. This one contain a small sachet, looks like sugar sachet, contain powder powder, and a liquid essence in this small jelly like plastic container. I was looking on skinfood website for this product, and unfortunetely i couldn't find it. hummmm?? i was wondering, is it only produced special for this set, or it is that i can't find it on skinfood english website. maybe it is available on the korean version website? i don't know.

But anyway..let's just get started
This is the powder mask. the colour is brownish.. the testure is just like a powder but not that soft.. maybe like a flour or wheat flour. the scent? o my God.. it smells just like a cereal for baby!! smells like those first food fod for little baby.. really remind me of my daughter's food when she was a baby.
So how to u use it, pour the powder inside the essence plastic container, mix it. it would be like pouridge. the smell even stronger, baby cereal!! then i applied all over my face.

I was waiting for awhile, and before 5minutes, i felt itchy all over my face!! i was waiting, hoping the uncomfortable feeling will be gone, but it didn't! it was sooo itchy i couldn't hold it not to scratch so i rushed to the bathroom to wash it off. Gosssshhhh...

After i washed it off, it was ok, no more itchy or redness, thank God, and when i looked my face in the mirror, huh... to be honest, it wowed me. My face looked brighter and whiter like in instant. it also felt soft and moisturised.less than 5 minutes huh. i'm so impressed. too bad that i felt itchy and gave me discomfort.

Skin food aloe mask sheet
This one is skin food aloe mask sheet. I like aloe mask specially for this winter time when my skin tend to get dryer and somethimes itchy, flaky.. and aloe gave this sooth effect. By now i'm already impressed with mask from korea and taiwan, and this one also a good one for me. it gave me extra moisturized skin, extra fresh face. But what i like more from this is the size of the mask sheet, it fit my face perffectly. not too big, not too small, not causing too much fold here and there. so yeah, i like it!

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