Sunday, December 16, 2012

cleansing foam review : Baviphat milky strawberry latte mousse foam

I must have at least 1 cleansing lotion/water, 1 cleansing oil and 1 cleansing foam in my drawer. I just like each different type of cleansing for each different purpose. As cleansing foam, i like to use it in the morning to freshen up and clean the last night skin care i applied. This one, is not any other usual cleansing foam. This one is a mousse foam. yeah, i admit, i bought this because it sounds cute. haha. Well, it's Baviphat, who always manage to attracted me with their cute packaging, name and product itself.

So this one is Baviphat milky strawberry latte mousse foam. comes in an aerosol can with a pump. The tag line is "pore and deep clean". Not much information i can get from the net, and no english information on the packaging also.
This is the information i can get by googling :

Cleansing Foam contracting pores and removing wastes and caring cleansing and massage at once.

Directions for use

Take proper amount, apply on face evenly, massage 1-4 minutes softly and wash out with warm water

this is the pump. it's so easy to pump out the product
The colour is white.. You have to shake it before use, or else the texture inside would not mis completely. When i first using this I didn't shake it first and the product is more liquid, not moussy type, and the colour is seperated with with and light brown colour.. the brown is like the latte and the white from the strawberry.

The scent is sweet strawberry scent. at first i could smell between strawberry and coffee, but after a while i could only smell the milky strawberry.
look at the texture.. it's moussy.. it's actually just like a shaving foam. look at this :

Can you imagine you cover your fave with this? You would feel like your face covered with whip cream,, or shaving foam.
So how is it anyway?
i use this every morning while shower, massage gently on my face, oh it smells sweet and refreshing. The good thing is that it doesn't dry at all. As i washed it off with water, i didn't feel this foam taking moisturise from my skin, in fact i felt moist as i washed it off. it felt like when you rinse off scrub from your body.
So it's good as a cleansing foam, but as for removing make up it's not good. I tried to test removing some make up that i drew on my hand. The result is that it could remove the powdery make up like face powder, powder eye shadow, but it couldn't remove cream or gel make up like gel eye liner and even lipstick, it couldn't remove completly. So for me it's only for morning cleansing or the last cleansing step after i remove my make up with cleansing water first.

Overall,  i like it. I do... This is one of the stuff i will keep using until i finish it. Repurchase? hmmmm.. the thing is i always want to try something new!! 

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Rindodo ♥ said...

awh the foam is really cute! it reminds me to the old biore product, the foam facial wash :D