Monday, December 17, 2012

skin care travel set review : Skin food fresh apple

When i saw this new products on the net, i was sooo excited! why? because i'm a fan of skin food peach sake line and i was wondering when will skin food release new line for pore care. After peach sake, skin food didn't launch more skin care set focusing on pore care. So when finally i saw this, i was! and.. "i must try this!!"
and when i saw one of my fav online seller chicprincessa have this item for travel set.. i bought it straight away. A travel set! means i got to try the toner, serum, emulsion and cream without buying the complete full bottle!
So this is the mini set i got. Enough for the whole week. I got the toner, emulsion, serum and sparkling pore cream.
I like the packaging of the full size bottle, it looks so fresh and not boring. . So now i'll just write my opinion and experience of this set.

first.. the toner
This is type of watery liquid toner, not light gel type toner that lately i found. This one smells lovely and fresh. And sweeeet tooo.. just like any other skin food products.All the set smells similar like the toner. The toner on my skin gave this cooling feeling. Like there is alcohol in it. But the good thing is that it smoothen the surface of my big pores nose. But if you have sensitive skin you might get the tingly burn feeling.


The serum is white colour, with lotion texture, not too thick and not too watery. This serum gave the same effect like peach sake serum, or at least that's how i remember about peach sake serum. It gave me smoooth's like a good primer that tighten my pores and make the skin smooth. I like it. When i touched my face after applying this, it felt different.

OMG, this is the most watery emulsion i've ever tried. i couldn't even take a picture of the emulsion product. it's just like water that running down my hand straightaway. I really don't know why is it so light like this. In fact my holika cooling toner's texture is thicker than this emulsion. When i see how watery and light this toner, i was sceptical, i though, it won't be enough to keep my face moiturised. and i was right!. it was nice at first, it absorbs really quickly, but before dawn my skin started getting dry. I don't know, maybe this is for summer use, not winter. but still, i'm a little bit dissapointed of this emulsion.

Sparkling pore cream
Now the cream, The texture is thick gel, but not too thick, still easy to spread and absorb. This one felt similar with the serum, only thicker and richer. But there's one downside for me. I felt my skin a little bit itchy and little burn feeling after applying this.. :( oh no... i really hope this set will work good on me like peach sake.. did i use it in the wrong time? maybe i should use it during summer?
I'm really curious with the other cream though, the smooth pore cream. i don;t know why there are 2 types of the cream and what the difference betwen them, but i'm really curious to try if the other type works on me. Because so far i like the toner and the serum.


I really like the toner and serum, but not the emulsion and sparkling pore cream. i'm curious to try the smooth pore cream version though, and also the peeling.. i want to try the peeling!!
A little bit dissapointed because the emulsion is not as good as the peach sake emulsion, not what i was expected, but at least the serum has the same quality.

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