Monday, December 3, 2012

Toner review : Holika holika smooth egg skin cooling toner

When i first knowing holika holika, i was sold straightaway to their cute packaging and products. I started by trying some products, and turned out they are quite good. So i kept buying and trying for more. This one is a toner. I always bought extra toner because i knew that toner will finish first before the lotion or emulsion. So for 2 bottles emulsion i'm gonna need 3 toners. or even 4? anyway, i chose this cooling toner because it's targeted for pore tightening.

SO,Are you ready for this cutie?
yup...cute cute cute... take a look at the bottle

it looks lika a bottle from fairy tale.. like a potion bottle right? :)
Anyway, there is some english information on the packaging box.
Holika holika
smooth egg skin cooling toner
Like a cold water patting massage, this innovative pore care gel skin provides tense to the skin with a fresh cooling sense tighting the skin pore.
Application guide : simply double the coolness by shaking 4-5 times before use, changing it's gel form to liquid. Apply proper amount on the skin after morning and evening wash.

So first of all, i like the packaging. i like to see this cute bottle standing on my table, i wish i have a set of it. But i just wanted to try first so i only bought the toner.
However, when i opened the bottle and tried it for the first time, i had a hard time trying to scoop the toner out. there is this plastic cap with a very tiny hole, and the hole didn't help so i just opened it and now it's much better.
The cap without the plastic cover.
Now to the product,
the texture is a light gel type, not that water type. If i shake the bottle first, it gave me a little bit cooling sensation, but not too much, just a little. I don't know about the scent, what it smells like, i can't figure out. but it's just smell sweet and ok, not over powering.
This toner didn't dry my face, in fact it gave me this fresh feeling plus moisturized. it tightens my pores specially on my nose, and get my face ready for the next step. it sounds good isn't it? in fact it is good. i like it. A LOT. yup, this is officially my fav toner for this year!

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