Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Face scrub review : Tony moly latte art cappuccino cream-in scrub

i know..i know.. the packaging is cute.. and simply just irresistible.and yes, i admit. i bought this because of the packaging. ha ha... well, i knew tony moly for awhile now, and so far their products quite good for me. so when i saw this. ok.. why not.. right.
i mean..look at this!!
look at the top.. with a latte art look like.. and a spoon? well actually the spoon is the spatula to scoop out the product. cute, right..
close up the spatula.
So this one is a face srub. there is another one from tony moly like this, whis is a morning pack or something, and there is another new one that i'm sooo interested! haha.. well for now let's start with this then.
To open the coffe cup, simply just rotate at it will open. The jar is in the bottom, covered with another plastic cap.
So this is the scrub. brown colour, it smells like... coffee!!!not creamy or cappuccino coffee, for me it smells a little bit like nescafe 3in1 or mocca coffee. Nice scent for me, as a cappuccino lover. but if you don't like coffee, or you don't like the idea of putting coffee on your face, then you may not like it.

The texture is very thick and creamy, and the scrub particle is tiny.
To apply, i tried it both on my dry and wet face, and i like it more dry with only little water as i start to scrub my face. When i applied on the dry face, it could be a little rough sometimes, so that's why i add water as i massage gently. I tried it on my wet face too, and the result was not as good as when i applied on cleaned- towel dry face.
scrub on the dry skin. Can you see the scrub particles? it's tiny and as you massage and rub gently the colour will turn into white creamy.

The result?
After scrubbing my face with this, i could feel my face clean, smooth and a little bit moisturised, and another good thing is i felt my big pores on my nose tighten and my nose felt smooth to touch.
so do i like it? oh yeah i like it.. and although i'm not gonna repurchase this but i'm gonna buy the new version of this latte cup with cocoa.

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