Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lip color review : Maybelline watershine pure C22 & revlon colorburst lip butter 001

I wanted to write on title "lipstick review" but since this time revlon named this product "lip butter", not "lipstick" so i decided to just wrote it lip color.
Anyway, last time on my holiday in Jakarta i bought lots of lip color products including these two. I also bought local brand lipstick martha tillaar in 3 different color but i left them in Jakarta and just brought these two plus two other tony moly lip color products(review coming soon). i thought, 4 enough. is it? lol girl never have enough of lipstick/lipgloss!
left : maybelline and right : revlon
the color..

The maybelline is C22, more to the soft pink color, not too pale and not too shocking pink, while Revlon lip butter i chose is 001 in pink truffle. it said pink but for me it is more natural brown color, although when i tested it on my hand it looked also like coral color.

the swatch..
without flash
with flash
up swatch : maybelline, down : revlon
as you can see from the swatch, the maybelline color somehow turned into more orange or peach than pink, but on the lip it still pink, but in natural color. not too much. it didn't dry my lip or made it flaky, which is good.
For the revlon lip butter, on my lip it turned to be more natural lip color, brownish with a hint of coral. This one gave the extra moisturised feel on my lip, like you were applying lip balm twice before your lipstick. it is actually a good thing, it didn't dry my lip and i felt it moisturised but it didn't last long. last than 2 hour i guess?

In my conclusion, i like them both, generally, although i'm not really satisfied with the color, so i will look for another color next time for sure.

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Rindodo ♥ said...

nice color~ I love revlon <3