Thursday, December 20, 2012

Watson @Shanghai Haul

When i was in Shanghai, China, one of my favourite shop was Watson! i Think i visited Watson more than 3 times in 3 different malls there. I was excited to shop for bags and shoes too, but when i entered Watson, i got even more excited with all those cute skin care and make up that are not available in indonesia. Everytime i entered Watson i alway ended up with something in my shopping Basket. lol.

well, let's take a look what i got there
Shower travel set! contain body scrub, body wash and body lotion. My husband and i looove this kind of set. Not just that it's convinient for travel but also it's nice to use complete body care from the same set and same scent. My mom loves this kind of cuties too so i bought another 2 of this for her.
I've tried the grape one and it smells sweet.. like grape but not too much grape scent in it.
Hair products..the one on the left is another travel set..contain shampoo, conditioner and body wash. at that time we were staying for a week in Shanghai, and the shampoo at the hotel was not so good so we went to Watson to buy Shampoo, we found this set so we bought 3 sets of this. lol. The shampoo and conditioner was so so, not my fav though. The one on the left is bubble hair mask. Yup.. i'm a sucker of the cute packaging so i bought this because of the
Watson mask sheet. the packaging is so girly.

and then.. there is this tools to suck your white heads/blackheads on the nose. My husband bought me this because he knew that i'm obsessed with the big pores on my nose. Lol. i tried this and although it worked but it hurted and made my nose red so i didn't use it a lot. The one on the right is a peeling gel and i haven't tried it yet.

There are soo many cute stuff in watson.. There was this rack full of skin care goodies with cute cute packaging.. sleeping pack, mask, cream,, all so tempting but i only bought one which is a cleanser and i don't have the picture because i left it in Jakarta.

Overall, i enjoyed shopping in watson, it's always nice to see many different stuff there. from local brand to intenational brand. i was so tempted to try some maybelline product that's not available in indoneisa too but i really really needed to

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