Saturday, December 29, 2012

face mask review : Ovale cucumber mask

When was the last time i was using local brand face mask? uh oh.. i'm still using local brand make up (caring colors from martha tilaar, sari ayu lipstick, etc) but for face mask? it's been a loooong time.. well, it's about time to know and try the local brand right. So when i saw this on the supermarket, i chose 2 varians of Ovale facial mask; cucumber and lemon. This time i will review the cucumber first.
Too bad i threw away the sheet after finish this mask so i can't write you the description on the back of the packaging. This cucumber variant targeted for smooth, fresh and firm, it is written there "for matte looking face"

The texture is thick and creamy, reminds me of a hair creambath creamy texture, in fact the smell also remind me of hair creambath i've tried (can't remember which one).
This is how it looks like if you spread on your face.
how to use :
apply to clean, dry face and neck, avoiding eyes and lips area. Leave dry for 10-15 minutes. rinse off with warm water thoroughly.

So this is a wash off type mask, and the type of mask that will get dry in your face and make your face tight and stiff that you can't talk during the application of the mask. It's been more than 2 years i've been using korean type wash off mask, that most of them didn't give me this tightening and stiff effect, so it's kind of funny to experience this kind of mask again. And one more uncomfortable thing is that it really hurt my eyes. Although i didn't apply near my eyes, but still this mask somehow hurted my eyed (pedih pedih gitu deh). During the applicatin it didn't give me itchy feeling, only tight and stiff.

The result?
so after 10-15 minutes i rinsed it off, and yes, it's easier with warm water because it's a little bit sticky, the only result i could see was my face became whiter instantly. woa... i noticed it straight away how whiter and brighter.. but of course, only temporarily effect. I didn't feel extra moisturised or firm that i like (or hoped) from a mask effect, you know, that effect that makes you keep touching your face to feel the firm, smooth and moisturised face after mask. So if you want instant fresh, whiter and brighter looking skin, you can try this one.

For me, i will not repurchase this one but i don't mind trying the other variant from this ovale mask. maybe the cucumber is jut not for me. i;ll try and see the lemon one if it's better for me.

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