Monday, December 31, 2012

MY 2012 Favourite

yeaaayyy it's the last day of 2012.. and as i promised you for my last post this year.. it would be all the favourite products i've tried this year. So let's get started...
note : all the pictures in this post taken from google images

favourite cleansing product :
etude house cleansing dream cleansing water
I like this cleansing water because it cleans well, both make up and dirt, and it didn't give any sticky feeling or oil resude after, like some cleansing lotion or cream, and it didn't make my skin dry. i think i'm convert to cleansing water because of this. on my next haul i already ordered some other cleansing water.

favourite toner :
Holika holika egg cooling toner
This toner satisfied me because not just it is refrehshing but also moisturising yet not sticky. and not to mention the cute packaging! haha
favourite cream/emulsion
Tony moly ice queen multi play cream
This is really a multi cream. first, ok i admit, beside the packaging, the scent it lovely. but what makes it my favourite this year is also the function as a moisturising cream, the texture melted into the skin easily and kept my skin moisturised during dan and night. it's good to use as primer in the morning before bb cream, as an extra moisturising cream in the afternoon and even during the night.

favourite mask/scrub/peeling

Tony moly kiss kiss lip scrub
My first lip scrub. where i've been all this time that i didn't use or try lip scrub before? it's really usefull specially sometimes i have dry chapy lips. from now on lip scrub would be in my list and in my routine.
Baviphat pearl brightening gommage cream
This is a peeling cream. The formula is super thick and easy to scrub off. what i like from this is the extra moisturised feeling i got after using this product. it's also made my skin smoother after using this.

favourite bb cream
holika holika aqua petit jelly BB
I like this because it feels light on the skin, gave me natural look and it has good moisturising properties. what makes me like it more is when i tried using it with the sponge aplicator that comes with the product. it gave me smooth and flawless finish. nicee..

Favourite primer:
Baviphat all skin collagen primer
finally i found another fav primer. You can read my previous post to see how i looove this primer. it gave me smooth silky skin and also  it didn't dry my skin..nice and glowy finish.

Favourite make up products:
etude house line nuance duo
i'm too lazy to put eye make up for daily look. normally i just use eye liner. it's been more than 2 years that powder eye shadows were not in my make up bag. so this kind of duo function eye shadow and liner is a solution for me. it's easy to apply, and the result also quite good and natural. in fact i just ordered another color for this!
skin food choco powder eyebrow pencil
My fav and to go eye brow pencil. the colour is just perfect and natural, and the pencil is smooth, easy to apply.
Baviphat make up eraser
my saviour to save me from a disaster, specially eye liner.. sometimes i smudged or made a mistake in using liquid or gel eye liner, and this one helped me to easily correct or erase the mistake.

Revlon lip butter
this lip butter is so popular this year i guess. and i regreted not to buy more colours. i just bought one to try and i like it.. i will definetely but more.

favourite hair product:

L'oreal hair spa
hair spa product that you can found in most beauty salon, and you can ask for the treatment. no time to go to salon regularly? just buy this!! it smells niiiiceee and made my hair smoother, not tangled but of course i have to use it often to get good result.

So.. that's it everyone!! that's my fav for this year, and this would be my last post this year. Tomorrow is a new day, a new year.. Happy new year everyone.. wishing you all the best and wonderful coming year

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