Wednesday, November 21, 2012

innisfree haul from Shanghai, china

2 months ago i travelled to china, not really for travelling actually. i was accompany my husband for his bussiness travel. We didn't get a chance to visit tourist attraction. it was pure bussiness and i spent my day shopping around while my husband went for factory visit.

So one day in Nanjing road, i found innisfree country in one of the mall there. Yeaaayyy i'm so excited. it was my first visit to innisfree store. Innisfree is not open their store yet in Jakarta, so i was so happy to find one in shanghai. well, i was more happy when i found out that they sell many travel/mini size product. I dont have to buy all full size. yeaaayyy..

well then let's take a look, start from the big green box
they are selling this gift package.. what's inside :
eco beauty tool jeju volcanic cleansing sponge
jeju volcanic nose pack 6 sachet
2 green tea pure skin
2 green tea pure lotion
2 green tea seed serum
capsule sleeping pack
jeju volcanic pore clay 100 ml
The lady said that this is a package of their best seller.
next is this jeju volcanic set..
jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam
jeju volcanic pore toner
jeju volcanic pore cover
my husband threw the packaging because that time we have limited space only in our bag, so just put all of this inside the green cartoon.
i also bought this big full size cleansing, it's innisfree green tea pure cleansing water.

and of course, there's a bonus of free gift from my purchase..this is what i got:
it's a men series of innisfree. Forest for men, fresh skin and lotion. There are some other choices for free gift but i chose this one so my husband can try innsifree too.

i forgot how much this cost in china yuan, but i remember at that time i tried to convert it to rupiah and it was around 400.000 something in rupiah.


Anonymous said...

waaah >< itu 400ribu buat semuanya kak??
menunggu review greentea cleansing waternya ^^

Arya De Guzman said...
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Arya De Guzman said...

i wish there would also be a store in malls here in our country that sells travel size products. thanks for visiting my blog by the way :D