Saturday, November 17, 2012

cleansing oil review : skin food black sugar cleansing oil

Last time when i was in Jakarta i was looking for this item on skin food store @ senayan city and Gandaria city, but both store didn't have this item. i don't know if it's not available in Indonesia's market or what. I didn't buy it online because i'm affraid my limit time in Jakarta was not enough to wait until the package arrive (pre order item could take up to one month unless you order when the seller is about to close the batch, it will take up to 2 weeks). Anyway.. when i travelled to china, i found this on the skin food store there.. yeaayyy..

so i need at least to have one cleansing oil in my house,, i chose this because i've tried skin food black sugar mask and i liked it, so i should just try this one.
i like the packaging.. the pump, and how there's a safety clip on the pump.
Have you tried the famous skin food black sugar mask? if you like it you may like this one too, because i do.
First, the scent.. it's similar like the black sugar mask. it smells sweeeeeettt.. smells something like sugar? or burned brown sugar? whatever it is, i like it and enjoy the scent.
i used it at night only. if i have make up on i would use cleansing water or make up remover first then this one. if no make up that time, just straight using this.
so, just like cleansing oil, it is oily, just rub it with circular movement on your dry face. You know what impressed me from this? i always thought that cleansing oil is for dry skin and for me i only use cleansing oil on winter when the weather is so dry and effected my skin to get dry too. But surprise surprise for me, it's also good for my large pores nose and chin! my nose and chin are the oily part of my face with large pores. when i rubed this cleansing oil on my nose, i felt i scrubed off my pores on my nose!! seriously!! so after cleansing, not just my face is clean but also reduce pores on my nose!! my nose felt smooth too!! yeaaayy...
and also it didn't dry my skin, so many extra point for this one!

yup.. i said all good things about this. by now you will know that i like this cleansing oil. i may try other cleansing oil but if at the end i couldn't find any more good cleansing oil i'd go back to this one for sure!!

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