Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Local brand body care : Mustika ratu coffee shower gel & body butter

I was excited when i found out that Mustika ratu expand their products to body care line; shower gel,soap, body butter and body scrub, and now also easily available in most supermarket. Around 5 years ago it was still hard to find Mustika Ratu body care products. I remember i had to go to their store in Pasaraya blok M or their spa to get their body spa products.

Anyway, beside this coffee line they also have papaya, olive.. and...what else? i can't remember. But since this is my first trial i just picked one and of course.. i picked coffee, since i'm coffee lover, plus coffee sounds delicious.

For the shower gel, this is some information on the packaging;

enjoy the sensational scent of coffee while showering with Mustika ratu coffee shower gel. The coffee extract contains caffeine and antioxidant which are good for your skin, and its unique scent helps to eliminate body odor.

pour the shower gel into your palm hand or shower puff, then apply it to all over body. Rinse well. for best results, use the complete series of mustika ratu coffee body care.

What i think about it, well, first, the scent,, it smells coffee.. smells yummy! enjoy the scent of coffee while showering, yeah right i did enjoy it!! The gel itself also made a great soap to clean and keep the body moisturised. it's easy to foam bubble, and it felt soft on the skin, didn't dry my skin at all. well, overall i reallylike this shower gel and i would like to try the papaya and olive too!

Now move to body butter.. well, this is the rest of it. i finished it.
information on the packaging :

coffee extract's key skin-care benefits lie in its caffeine and anti-oxidant concentration. Mustika ratu kopi body butter with its gentle-for-the-skin formula protects the skin's natural moisture, leaving you with moist skin safe from any dryness and helps maintain your skin's firmness. Also enjoy its sensational coffee fragrance.

Apply butter all over the body after bathing or as often as needed. For best results, use the complete mustika ratu kopi body care series.

The texture is creamy and thick, but it's not sticky when you apply to your skin. it absorbs easily.
The scent is also coffee,, but this one is a little bit like mocca coffee smell.. reminds me of one of the indonesian instant coffee mochachino brand. it smells ok, but for some people it could be to strong. For the scent i like the shower gel version scent better than this.

Now the butter itself, it's a good moisturiser, specially when you need extra care or for some dry part. i used this often in winter when it's so dry here. overall, it's a good choice and good alternative for body butter, since the price is way cheaper than those import body butter.

Overall, i like this Mustika ratu body care line and i will definetely buy and try the olive and papaya line once i get back to Jakarta!


Arin Djunaidi said...

Line nya ada rose sama melati juga

galleryibu said...

oiyaaaa betuull.. ada rose.. baru inget.. wah ada melati juga ya? thanks for the info!