Sunday, November 4, 2012

cleansing review : etude house cleansing dream fresh cleansing water

This year i bought some etude house products in the counter, not from internet. it is more expensive, of course.. but to look around the cute etude house shop, try out some products, way more fun than online shopping. Plus, the free gift is more tempting. when i bought online normally i only got some sachet samples, but buying offline, last time i got the travel set of their new skincare! anyway, i think i'll have to make seperate review about my etude house purchase.

This time let me just write about this cleansing product. So i was looking a cleansing product to remove make up, to use with cotton bud. Normally i'd go with cleansing lotion or cream. when i saw this, i thought ok, let's give it a try of cleansing water. i did some test on my skin, and bought this.

First, the packaging is simple but still cute and girly. i like the pump. packaging with a pump is my favourite. it's hygienic and when the product almost finish you could just open it manually to dig in the leftover product.
How to use it, you pump the water to cotton pad, then wipe clean your face.
the texture is.. of course, water. yup,just like water. i used to clean my make up with cleansing lotion because i thought cleansing water contain more alcohol that will make my face dry. I don't know if there's alcohol in it or how many alcohol in it since i lost the box. I kept it, but i think my maid threw it away.
But what surprised me.. it doesn't make my face dry!! yeayy i'm happy with that. it cleans well, and since it's not cleansing lotion type, so there's no oily or sticky feel after cleansing.
as in the power to erase make up, i will show you with pictures
various make up : eye brow pencil, gel eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick and cream cheek blush
voila!!! it's clean.. well, there's a thin black shadow from the gel eyeliner. it's waterproof gel eye liner and normally i cleaned it with eye make up remover so it still ok for me.

my overall conclusion?
i think from now on i will convert to cleansing water. seriously.. bye bye cleansing lotion.. lol, well, i'd try cleansing lotion if there's cute cleansing lotion product, but mostly i will just buy cleansing water like this but different variant or brand.


Penulis Amatir said...

Nice review
So this product works for u
Hmmm... ur review makes me want to try too :)

Joyy Jutamas said...

I 've used it for two months . it 's very good for me too.
: )

dini setiyorini said...

yes, i'm in love with cleansing water too. I tried Innisfree greentea cleansing water n love it ^^

galleryibu said...

dini.. really? i have that innisfree greentea cleansing too!!still not open it yet :)