Wednesday, October 31, 2012

bb cream review : holika holika aqua petit jelly bb

I have this on my drawer for loong time until i got change to open it and start using it. before this holika holika jelly type bb cream i have similar type which is skinfood orange jelly bb cream. This one is quite popular among beauty bloggers i guess, i read some of their review and almost all of them was attracted by its cute packaging and concept. look at this :
Holika holika really made it looks like a jelly pudding. the picture on the box, and then the plastic jar for bb jelly looks just like a pudding or jelly from the supermarket. there is also sponge for the application.

there is  a plastic cap inside, i didn't remove it, just opened it half.
this is the texture..
and this is the swatch

now.. what i think about this cute bb jelly..

first of all, i admit, it's the packaging and the cute name and concept that attracted me to buy and try this product. i just can't resist such a cute product!

so yes, the packaging is cute but at the end it's also the cute packaging that became a down side of this product. it's a jar, which is not to hygienic, you have to dip your finger back in and out.. or spatula. well, spatula not really work well for me. i used to have spatula but then i lost it.. i mean.. it must be somewhere in my drawer but i just couldn't find it. Using the sponge is also not hygienic. you have to wash it regularly (well yeah, i admit.. i'm the lazy type).

next is the bb jelly itself. yup, it's not a bb's a bb jelly! the  texture really is like jelly. not creamy or liquid, but jelly-thick-like. just imagine a custard.. it's quite similar. ohh.. and it has a nice sweet scen too.
back to the texture and this bb jelly, once i applied on my face, it felt light but also moisturising. it doesn't feel heavy like foundation, but cover my face well. i really like how this bb gave me enough moisturizer during the day. i think it is suitable for both summer and winter, which is great!!

and then the shade, i chose number 2 which is the darker shade. and on the swatch it gave me a little orange tone, which is great, as it made my face looks fresh (imo). i like the shade, it suite me.

overall, i really like this bb jelly. i would put this on my fav list of bb cream but the jar packaging a little bit annoyed me. not just because the hygienic purpose but also it's too bulky and not convinient to travel. it's not something i want to put or carry around in my bag, also not something i will pack inside my travel luggage. But for daily use when i'm home, it's a good one!


Angelsmiledoll A said...

It looks so cute, so bad we dont have it here :(

Penulis Amatir said...

the packaging is sure pretty adorable^^
Too bad that it's not travel friendly
Nice review, thanx for sharing

LeeViaHan said...

the packaging looks so unique ^_^