Thursday, October 18, 2012

quick post and review : innisfree olive real cleansing cream & holika holika secret source hydro skin & emulsion

Gotta catch up fast girls... many reviews coming up!! so i gotta start with quick review of sample products that i almost finished.
first, it's innisfree olive real cleansing foam
this is not my first time trying innisfree olive line. i've tried the sample of the skin care before (skin and emulsion), and this one is also the sample size, only 15 ml. based on my experience trying some innisfree products before, innisfree products are good when my skin dry or when the weather is dry, in my case, it's good for winter time.
This cleanser has a soft scent, i can't almost smell anything. and the product itself is creamy, not making so much foam although i mix it with water. on the face it felt soft, not drying and not too har for the skin. i wish i could say more but since it's only a sample size and i can only use it for around a week so not many thing i can say here. overall it's good cleanser, not my favourite, and with this mini size, recommended for travelling.

next, holika holika secret source hydro skin and emulsion
another sample from holika holika..and too bad to say, this one clearly not my favourite. first, the scent is too strong.. it's kind of perfum-y artificial scent, not a nice natural scent i like from skin care. so i don't know, maybe it's not good for those with sensitive skin. the hydro skin is ok, or quite good actually, refreshing and not drying, but the emulsion is way to light and too watery, it's not moisturised enough, specially in this dry weather here. i have to add more cream from other brand to add some moisturised. so yeah, not recommended for me, but i'll use it until finish anyway since it doesn't give me any breakout or bad reaction

so.. that's it for now!! as i told u, only quick and short review to catch up..


Penulis Amatir said...

just blogwalking here. So the innisfree is good. Well, u're lucky to find the sample size before trying the full one :)

cunggie said...

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