Sunday, October 28, 2012

skin care set review : innisfree olive real skin care kit

Don't you just looooove skin care kit like this? You can try the whole set without buying the full size! i found it really helpful. For example, i bought full size bottle of skinfood omija skincare toner and emulsion after i tried the skin care kit sample and happy with it.

This time, it's innisfree olive real skin care kit. wait. i've tried this before loong time ago..maybe 2-3 years ago. yes i did, and i was quite happy, so when i saw one seller offer this set i bought it again. yeaaayy..
Olive real?
this is the information on the box:
olive real skin care kit with organic extra virgin olive oil
enriched with the best quality of organic extra virgin olive oil from crete island, olive real deeply nourishes skin and retains moisture for healthy radiant skin.

anyway this is what i got :
olive real skin / toner 15 ml
olive real lotion 15 ml
olive real eye cream 5 ml
olive real power cream 5 ml
olive real essential oil 2 sachet

now to the review, first is the toner and lotion
left : toner and right : lotion
Both toner and lotion have this nice natural-organic scent. it smells nice, sweet and not overpowering.
The toner is very thick, might be the thickest toner i have tried. it's not kind of liquid watery toner, but more like very light gel. but it's very refreshing and moisturising. i think this toner will be good for those with dry or sensitive skin. or in winter time when you feel your skin dry.
The lotion also thick and rich enough for lotion, not too watery, and in my opinion it's a very good moisturiser. it's rich enough to keep my face moisturized during the day. i don't have to put extra moisturiser in this dry season. but it could be to rich for those with oily skin or summer time though. i think if i use this while i was in jakarta it would make my face get or looks oily.

power cream and eye cream
left : power cream and right : eye cream

both are rich and thick cream. i thing the power cream is slightly thicker than the eye cream.
i use both only for night before sleeping. the power cream is very rich and it kept my skin moisturized during the night.
as for the eye cream, i don't use eye cream regularly maybe because i dont have budget for eye cream yet or not aware enough how important to use eye cream, or simply just lazy to add another routine on my skin care. but anyway since i have it now so i just use it at night, and cannot tell you the effect yet.

last but not least..olive real essential oil
essential oil? the texture is exactly just like an olive oil, well it is actually. and since it's olive essential oil so i guess it suppose to be multipurpose oil right.. that you can use all over your body from head to toe.
i was curious how to use this as a skin care, but i guess it would act like serum? so use it before cream? i'm not sure but last night i tried it that way. and woaaa.. this one smells lovely. the nicest smell among this olive line. and as i applied on my face, i thought it would be oily and sticky, but no,,, turned out it absorbed well and gave my skin extra moisturised. niceeee..

overall, i still like this olive line from innisfree, specially for extra treat in this dry winter season when my skin needs extra care. i would recommend this tho those with dry skin or for winter time, but not for those with oily skin and summer humid season.

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