Saturday, October 27, 2012

cleansing review : Baviphat paprika trouble out facial foam

another quick and short review here..
i have another travel size product to try!! it's baviphat paprika trouble out facial foam. okay.. paprika? reallllyy? as in that thing for cooking? well, dont' worry it doesn't smell anything like paprika or your kitchen in lunch/dinner time. and trouble out? what kind of trouble here? no explanation in english.. is it acne trouble? oily/ big pores? well whatever it is, i'm just ready to give it a try.

first, as i told you, no paprika smell. it smells okay, just like any other facial foam or cosmetic product. the product is creamy one, not liquid.
i tried to clean my face with this in the morning. there's some dry feeling left during the washing off with water, but it was ok, doesn't make my face dry and no break out.

so overall it's just an okay product, so so, not something i would buy more.

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Rindodo ♥ said...

this is so 'baviphat'~! hehe... I love how they regularly use fruit or greens extract in their products ^^ thanks for the review :3