Wednesday, November 7, 2012

lip care review : Tony moly kiss kiss lip scrub

Tony moly now open their store in Jakarta! yeaaaayyy
i was so excited when i went to pondok indah mall and found tony moly store there. yeayyyy... and the good thing is their price is reasonable. in my opinion, tony moly set the price slightly under etude house and skin food store in jakarta.
anyway, one of the cute tony moly stuff i bought from the store is this kiss kiss lip scrub.
cute stuff, isn't it? so girly with a lip shape small jar.
anyway, the name says it all. it's a lip scrub. so if you have dry lip or cracked lip or want to have smooth lip, you can add this extra care in your skin care routine.

The price for this one is rp.99.000, i bet it would be cheaper if you buy it online.
the inside of the jar. to open it, simply just rotate the cap.
now the scrub itself. The texture is thick, with tiny-tiny and soft scrubs.
how to use it, just take a little amount of the scrub and start scrubbing your lip gently with circular motion.
my first impression was that hmmm,,it smells sweet. smells something like berry.
so i scrubed my lip with this for a moment, then wash it off. very quick and simple way to give your lip extra care. my lip felt smooth after.
sometimes i have cracked on my lip, which is not pretty when i apply lipstick, and this lip scrub helped to reduce that and made my lip softer.
Actually before i have this, i used to scrub my lip with homemade scrub which is a mix of honey, sugar and a little bit of vaseline jelly. the homemade one also worked good as a lipscrub, but this one is just more convinient and easy way, specially if you are a lazy type like me :)

so overall, i like this scrub and i will use it once a week or anytime i feel like i need it.

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NKN said...

i was thinking about buying this! thank you so much for your review, i think you helped me decided ^-^