Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review : skin food cappuccino mousse foam

 i also copied this old post from my old blog http://galleryibu.multiply com.
i like this foam a lot so i decided to take more pictures and give more of my thoughts.
dari namanya aja udah yummy..buat aku sbg penggemar cappucino, it's a must to try this product, ga peduli blum coba tester ato ga ada rekomendasi dari siapa2.
Packagingnya lucu pula,kaya botol saos tomat.wanginya,hemmmm yummy...
Teksturnya padat creamy gitu,dan ada butiran scrub nya yang betul2 dari biji kopi! Sooo natural..
Awalnya smpet takut juga sih,takut bikin kering.katanya klo scrub kan ga boleh pake tiap hari,kecuali emang utk daily dan scrubnya lembut bgt.
Tapi krn winter di sini dan udara kering, sebelum muka ancur mengering,aku pake ini tiap hari aja cuek,tiap pagi.dan ternyata emang ga bikin kering kok.kulit langsung lembab,enak.
Yang bikin mantep juga ya wanginya.... Bikin seneng cuci muka.
update march 2011;
this is what's written on the packaging.
and this is the texture of the foam
soo rich and creamy..
as i mentioned above, i am a fan of cappuccino.. not a bitter coffee type one, but the blender, sweet creamy one. frappuccino starbucks, ice blended coffee bean, black canyon coffee, brew & co, gloria jeans.. i looove them. You may not like this foam if you are not a fan of coffee. for some people the smell might be too strong, specially to put on your face. My husband tried this once, and he said it's too weird to put coffee on his face.he only tried once and refused to use it again so i just bought him loreal cleanser for man with "normal" smell. hehe..
in fact i think it is the smell that makes it special. in fact it is the reason why i like skin food products. now i am tempted to try their chocolate foam and oat cinnamon foam.

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