Sunday, January 15, 2012

mask pack review : innisfree home spa apple yogurt pack

This is my first try to innisfree mask pack products. Before this i've tried only innisfree sleeping pack (green tea&wine) and both were good. i am interested with this one because it comes in this small butter-like packaging, which only for 1-2 times use. Sometimes buying a mask in full size packaging is like gambling, as it might turn out good or not good-- or even worse, break you out. If that happened, what can you do for the rest of it? well, of course you can give it to somebody but still, it is just a waste of money (plus time, if you order from the net and waiting for 2-4weeks for the product to arrive). So, no doubt, i like small-small packaging like this.

anyway.. back to this apple yogurt pack, it comes in this plastic packaging, just like butter for your breakfast:
To open the packaging, just peel the cover, ad if you  don't want to use it all you can just close it smells just like green apples, with a milky hint-with of course, it must be the yogurt.

the texture is creamy-but light, not sticky, and with a very tiny scrubs particle.
Now, my thought about the product:
it is a little bit dissapointment actually. first, it absorbed to the skin really slow. i didn't feel it absorbed to my skin during 15 minutes with this pack. it was just sit there on the surface on my skin. and when i rinsed it off with water, i didn't feel that nice feeling after mask. no extra moisturised or smooth skin or firmer skin that make you can't stop touching your face. the only visible result i saw was my face looked whiter and brighter. that's it. and i looove that lovely apple smell.
overall, there is no bad effect for me from this pack, so i will use it once again to finish the rest of it, but this is something i will not repurchase.

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