Monday, January 16, 2012

hair serum review : Rudy hadisuwarno Hair growth serum

Today i am gona review a hair product, it is a treasure i found 2 years ago and i repurchased and used it again recently. Anyway, a little story behind this. 3 years ago after delivering my baby, i experienced this hair fall that bothered me. well, actually during my pregancy my hair was better. seriously. the effect of hormone did really good to my hair. my hair is thin and not much hair (genetic), while during pregancy my hair seemed thicker and much more. I read that it was normal, and after delivery, after everything back to normal the hair will be back to normal too, which also mean i will experience hair fall. and it did happened to me. So, even after i read that it was normal, i still didn't feel happy with hair fall, of course. who did? specially after my baby was 8 months old, and i still experienced this hair fall, i started looking for something. Thank God, i found an article (advertorial actually) in a magazine about this product.
so i checked in the supermarket and i found this, and aother similar product, which is neril.i bought both. and i started using this first. from what i read on the magazine, you suppose to finish those 6 serum bottles in 2 weeks. so, 3 bottles a week, one day one day off. And then later on for mainteance you could use it only once a week. anyway, i will tell you what happened taht 2 years ago. only after 1 week (3 bottles), i could feel the hair fall was less, so obvious. my brush was almost clear from hair fall. wait for the next result.. after 2 weeks and finish the bottle, i could feel the new hair growing! i remember i couldn't stop touching my scalp to feel those many short new hair growing. AMAZING!!!!
anyway.. so i bought it again, and here i will show you the products and my update review..

the back of the packaging, with some information about how this serum works to your hair.
there is also this leaflet with lots of information about what causes hair loss, 4 maximum action and direction af application.
so, what causes hair loss? to conclude the long paragrapgh there, there are many reasons, including genetic factore, hormonal changes (during or post pregnancy), stress, serious illess, certain drugs and malnutrition.

well, that time, the cause of my hair loss was very clear, it was hormonal change post pregnancy. while recently when i use this serum again was simply because i want more hair and thicker hair! hehe
how to apply : wash your hair.apply 1 bottle to the scalp, lightly massage with circular motions.
6 bottles of serum

Now, the review for my second set of serums :
it still worked, but the result was not as rapid and wonderfull like the first time. this time, after i finish 2 weeks with 6 bottles, i didn't see or fell any change and hair grow. i almost write a review here about how this product didn't work this second time. but i decided to wait....until 2 weeks later... i felt those tiny short new hair growing.. YEEEEAAAYYY!!!!  So my conclusion is, the first time was clearly i had that hormonal change so this product worked amazing and fast. in 2 weeks only i could feel the effect. while this time actually i don't really have problem, but i just want to use it for thicker and more hair. so i am happy anyway, although the result was not that obvious like firt time, this one still works!

overall, this is a great product and  i reccomend this to any women out there who have thos hormonal changes after pregnancy, or anyone who experience hair fall.

additional note : i mentioned other brand which is neril. i tried neril after 6 months using this and it didn't work as good as this Rudy hadisuwarno. but i guess it could be because i already use this. but anyway, my mom and dad also tried both Rudy and Neril, and for them Neril worked better than Rudy. so it is different effect to different person i guess.


Frozen Blossoms said...

can i find this product here in Phil? experienced the same prob sis... very helpful review..:)

galleryibu said...

they have this official online shop and you can see the product here

but i don't know if they handle international shipping too.

Romeo Seirra said...

hello is this product still in market or has changed??