Thursday, January 26, 2012

hair care review : the body shop ice blue shampoo

Who doesn't like the body shop? Before all those korean cosmetic company came to Indonesia, it was the era of the body shop i guess. hehe. You can easily found the body shop in almost all big malls around Jakarta. My favourite was their body care products.body scrubs, body butter, body mist, shower gel.. oh and of course, i love their perfume too! Last time when i stopped by in the body shop counter with my husband, He bought a set for him (after shave, deodorant, shower gel etc) and he looked at me and said "don't you wanna get something?" like he was surprised i didn't get anything for myself. Is that an offer? Yeaaayyy...
i, spontanously took some products i have never tried. this ice blue shampoo, banana shampoo and conditioner. Yup. all this time i just realised that i never tried the body shop shampoo.
so, what is this shampoo?
Re-discover 80s cool with a menthol shampoo that leaves hair feeling fresh and super soft, just like our original one. Now with community trade organic aloe vera.

first, of course it smells like menthol-mint-peppermint. smells fresh and nice. it will give you that cooling effect like other menthol products. i think it is really nice shampoo to use during summer. As for me, my hair reaaallly needs conditioner, because it is tangled and dry an the end. and this shampoo, sadly is not enough to moisturise my fact during rinse off this shampoo i started feeling my hair getting dry and tangled, not that soft and nice feeling i was hoping to get. it was hard to brush my hair. Oh i wish they have conditioner for this. Because i just don't like using different brand or variant conditioner. i like everything match.hehe..
But the good thing is, this shampoo is unisex. my husband can use this too. the scent is suitable for men too. in fact it is so refreshing that my men would like this too. so, other than its fresh scent and cooling effect, nothing else good for me and to be honest i'am a little bit dissapointed. sorry the body shop, i still love your body care products though.
the good :
  • nice smell
  • cooling effect, perfect for summer
  • unisex
  • the packaging (clear bottle, so you can see the product, and of course, don't forget the recycle campaign of the body shop with their packaging)
the bad
  • not enough moisturiser for dry hair
  • didn't help tangled hair
  • not giving soft and easy to brush hair after shampoo
 i really hope the banana one is better. i am using it now. So, let's see.

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