Sunday, January 8, 2012

review : skin food fresh fruit lip&cheek in apricot

from skinfood website:
No. 4]Apricot &ndash A cute and pure image It&rsquos a multi-purpose product that makes your lips and cheeks moist and lustrous with fresh fruit colors.

* To Use - For lips: Using your finger or a lip brush, apply it on your lips. - For cheek: Using your finger or sponge, apply it evenly on the part of your cheek that protrudes a bit when you smile.

another cute stuff from skin food.  multi purpose for your lips and cheeks. i thought, oh cute. i want that! yup. this is kind of product i wanted, not needed. i mean, i have enough blush on and lipstick. i don't really need more. but since it is cute, and i thought it would be great to carry on my purse or for travelling with its dual function, so why not?

anyway, i will let you see the colour :

cute pink colour

oh, and the packaging is sooo small. don't think it big! it is really small..lokk at this:

my thought:

when i first look at the colour, i though it would be perfect pink-natural colour.
well, it was good on my cheek, but on my lip, it didn't work! it looked soo fake on my lip, didn't set well, plus it made my lip looks dry, so i won't use it as a lip colour anymore. so dissapointed though, cause overall now it's just a cream blush, not multi purpose as i thought it would be.
anyway this is the swatch:
it is too bad it didn't work for me as a lip colour, because i like the scent of it. it smells lovely, apricot-like, and when i applied on my lip i could smell the lovely scent for some minutes.
and as for a cream blush, it is quite good. easy to blend, looks natural, and it is compact and good for travelling or carry around in your purse as you don't need to bring your brush. well, just make sure that your hand is clean before applying this.

overall, not too happy, but still i will try another cute stuff like this.. (i saw something like this from missha and etude house) hehe..

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