Sunday, January 29, 2012

skin care review : Holika holika Bulgarian rose petal skin and emulsion

When i first i saw holika holika on the net, i fell in love straightaway.. with the cute packaging of course, and the cute concept.. :) As a new born they really know how to attract consumer (like me) to buy their product. Since it's still a baby, the reviews out there are not really much. The most popular products and review i guess is the egg soap. I found some other holika holika mask, bb cream and make up reviews, but not much for skin care. I got some samples, and still, i want a set to try. hehe.. and i chose.... Bulgarian rose. What this line sells is the extra moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated. something i need for winter. so, i bought the set od bulgarian rose petal skin (toner), emulsion and cream. For now i will review the petal skin and emulsion.

introduction of Bulgarian rose (as written in the packaging):
Bulgarian 'damask' rose, cultivated since the 16th century, which is considered to produce the finest quality essence. Holika's bulgarian rose oil and rose water is from the valley of roses, the Kazanlak town and absolutely is made with a delicate process. It provides high-moisturizing effect and marvelous beauty to the skin as same as Cleopatra's beauty secret

i like the look of the set. so classy and elegant. it also comes with carton packaging. nice.. while the bottle is a heavy glass bottle. it is really heavy. so, not convinient for travelling, but really pretty to stay on my make up table.
Let's start with the petal skin, shall we?

Holika Holika Bulgarian rose petal skin
Lovely glass bottle.150ml
I was quite surprised--and glad, to found there is some english information on the side of the packaging.
what it is :
Bulgarian rose petal skin is an alcohol-free blend of hydrating and toning rose floral waters, enriched with real rose petals. This gentle floral water hydates the skin and tones complexion. It's natural aromatic experience adds a mood-enhaching dimension to the experience.
Direction :
everyday after cleansing, pour a small amount into a cotton pad and gently wipe over face and neck.

yup. you read it right. it is enriched with real rose petal. Do you want to see some rose petals?
 This is the top cap, it is covered with that plastic cap with a small hole, which is good, since the texture is watery. this way you can control the amount of product you want to use. Now, do you see on the side of the plastic cap there is a light brown stuff.. that's the crushed rose petals. wait. i will show you more.
There! on the cotton pad, you can see soo many dots. they are crushed or part of rose petals. The toner itself has a light brown colour that sometimes with that rose petals reminded me of betadine. hehe.. anyway. time to share what i thought..
the scent
it smells just like rose water. actually the smell reminds me of Mustika ratu air mawar (rose water) that i used to mix with mustika ratu mask in my old days (high school until university i guess?) but more lovely fresh smell.
the texture
water--just like othe roner but with extra rose petals. The rose petals will dissapear anyway. After i wiped the cotton pad on my face, somehow the rose petals just dissapeared.
The performance
Good. it doesn't dry my skin. gives me fresh skin, moisturised and ready for the next step of skin care. Love it!


Holika holika Bulgarian rose emulsion

what it is :
Bulgarian rose petal emulsion leaves skin perfectly hydrated with bulgarian rose water 20% and rose essential oil.the result is, skin is soothed, softened, and makes moisture barrier.
after using bulgarian rose serum, smooth gently over face and throat each am & pm, or whenever needed.

yup.that's what is written there on the packaging. a little bit weird and unusual words huh? throat each am&pm. why not just say "apply day and night"? anyway, not so surprised. hehe.

the top cap. open just like that, without that plastic cover like toner.

what i thought :
the scent
it smells just like the toner, but this one it smells more lovely and sweet, also reminds me of a rose syrup for drinking. so, in conclusion it smelss like rose water with rose syrup. not my favourite scent, but still it is a pleasant one.
the texture
it is rich. Rich enough even to use at night. you just need a little amount of the emulsion for the whole face because it is reallllyy rich.
the performance
it is really good moisturiser. not just for a day light but also for a night cream. very recommended for the winter, and totally not recomended for oily skin because it will make your face more oily. In my experience, it is winter here and really dry weather. without a good and rich moisturizer your skin will have dry flakes. when i use this, i don't have any dry flakes. my skin keep moisturised all day. First time i used this, i was surprised that after 6 hours i touched my nose and it was oily. normally in the winter my face, including nose stay dry and not oily. then i realised it was this emulsion. the trick is to brush my skin food peach sake silky finish powder on my nose and it will stay matte.

overall about this petal skin ane emulsion:
what i like :
  • the scent
  • extra moisturised effect
  • no breakouts, no dry skin
what i don't like
  • the emulsion packaging. it is hard to get the emulsion out since the emulsion is rich and it is a heavy glass bottle, i have to shake it many times to get the product out, and it is hard to control the amount of product coming out. it should comes with pump bottle.

Additional note :
I have been using this line for almost 2 months now since december. 2 months of winter and my skin kepp dehydated and moisturised every day, no dry flakes, yeaayyy for holika holika bulgarian rose!!!
oh, i also have the cream. will review soon.


Moudy said...

I just heard about Holika Holika products and really curious to try it someday so I want to read as many reviews I found and glad I saw yours :)

nice to meet you, follow you too ^^

Anonymous said...

hey! i just wanted to thank you for this very useful review, lol! :) i'm in korea now, and got free samples of bulgarian rose petal skin and the emulsion. but as i'm not really "into" using that things, i had no idea really how or when to use them... but now i know haha! so thank you very much ^___^