Tuesday, January 24, 2012

lip tint&gloss review : A'pieu Nature floral tint gloss duo

Some months ago when i ordered my big haul of korean cosmetics and skincare, i found this new brand on my seller's preorder pricelist. I was googled for information ad reviews, not much help. Product description and information in english very little, and i couldn't find review of beauty bloggers out there using this review. So was going blind ordered this one. This is my first a'pieu purchase and i bought it because of my curiosity of course. ok let's take a look.
what is this?
it is a lip tint and lip gloss in one package. the clear orange one is the tint and the creamy orange one is the gloss. i chose no.5 coral orange. This is other colors you can choose :
it was really hard to choose. all of them look cute!
the size is small, smaller than other lipgloss. Very cute for travelling or for something you want to carry around in your purse.

closer look for the gloss and tint. the aplicator is ok, nice and easy to use for application

without flash. left = gloss right = tint
with flash

My review :
First, i tried the gloss. well, it is not sticky but it seems like hard to set on my lips. just stay there with its beautiful colour. But it doesn't last long anyway. less than 2 hours maybe? and with a meal, it will be completely gone.
Then i tried the tint. Oh my God, it taste soooo bitter!! not that i really taste it or lick it but seriously, i can feel it. i mean, well it is a lip product, it should be tasteless. the gloss is ok, no taste, no scent, just like any other lip gloss. but the tint, although i didn't lick it or something like that but seriously. it is sooo bitter. anyway, the colour of the tint is not really show on the lip. it is just like a clear gloss, make my lips look fresh and that's all.

Not satisfied with the performance of both gloss and tint, i tried something else. i tried to apply both on my lip. First, i applied the gloss then covered with tint. well, maybe this is how i suppose to wear this. because with the tint on top, it helped the gloss to set on my lip! not just that, the colour also appear prettier than when it applied alone.
and then i tried the other way round. the tint first then the gloss. i was surprised, that this is the best way for me. the colour on my lip so pretty. orange-natural fresh look!
without flash
with flash
the swatch for mix gloss and tint. the upper one is gloss first then tint and the lower swatch is tint first then gloss.

overall, i like this dual tint and gloss. and for my first experience with a'pieu, it is a good impression. i might look for more a'pieu product and maybe will try their make up products

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