Tuesday, January 3, 2012

mask sheet review : my beauty diary provence lavender mask

who doesn't like my beauty diary mask sheet? it is not expensive, and looots if variants, you will not get bored of trying. i bought some variants of my beauty diary mask last time i shopped at www.chic-princessa.com.
this one is provence lavender, and here's what i thought:
scent :
the scent is not as lovely as i espected. i mean, it is lavender. lavender should smell lovely, relaxing, like you are in spa or something. but this one has only very light not too lavender. i even sniffed on the mask and the inside of packaging to smell some lavender but i just couldn't find it. it was only this light scent but not really like lavender.
the mask experience
nice, no itchy or something uncomfortable during my 20minutes with this mask on.
the effect after 
brightening! my face look whiter and brighter, but not much moisturising effect like from some other mask sheet, which is i was a bit confused here. i thought lavender should be moisturising not brightening. but anyway, as long as it has some good effect, i am happy.
the next morning (which is this morning) i woke up and when i looked my self in the mirror, heyyyy... where is my spot? last night i had this red spot sittig on my cheek, new one, and this morning it was almost gone! i was wondering, was it because the mask?

overall, i will keep buying other variants of my beauty diary until i try them all. hehehe

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chasingcarsandclothes said...

thank you for the review! i think i will buy this and try it out :)