Saturday, January 21, 2012

face soap review : holika holika egg soap in charcoal (black)

what is that? i know, it doesn't looks like a face soap wash at all. first, it is black, and then, the shape is oval egg-like, not a soap shape-like. well, it is one of  holika holika egg soap other variant. The original is the white one, but then they also released other  variants. anyway, i wrote a review about the original holika holika egg soap before, and it was finished, so now i am moving to the next one, and i chose this black charcoal.
From googling of what is this charcoal supposed to gives you benefit, i found out that this is for pore tightening, cleans deep into pores, daily cleasing, control sebum and suitable for sensitive skin.
still with the sticky plastic, before opening
My thought about this charcoal egg soap :
first, the scent, it smells just like a soap. Actually i almost couldn't smell anything. The original holika holika egg soap has a nice soaft soap sent, and this one almost no smell actually.
Just like the original one, this one works better with warm water. with cold water it's a little bit hard to form bubbles.

Ok now, to the performance of the is quite good actually, it doesn't leave me with tight and dry feelig after a bar soap cleansing. and it is really mild, i can feel it. so that's why i think it is really suitable for sensitive skin. For cleansing, i would say this one is good for morning cleansing and second step cleansing at night after you use your sleansing oil or cleansing lotion. But it is not for make up remover so if you are with make up, make sure clean with your cleansing oil or lotion first then use this one.

In conclusion, i think this is an ok product. i will not repurchase this oe though cause nothing really special. ad as for the long term effect like pore tightening right now i can't say anything because i just started using it (still less than a week).If you want to try holika holika egg soap, i suggest you to buy the special set because you will get each of variant and you can try and see yourself which one is suits you.

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