Thursday, June 2, 2011

Golden rose : Cosmetic from Turkey

When i went to my favorite shop here in Taiz, Yemen, there was this new cosmetic stall. i thought it was farmasi, also turkish cosmetic brand, that i found some of their stall here. but when i stopped by and look around, hmmm.. what is this? Golden rose. also made in turkey. I asked some price, and all the price i asked under 2000 reyal or under 10 USD, so i thought, ok, i will buy some to give it a try.

so, i bought ball blusher and 1 of the lipstick. i wanted to buy their mousse foundation as i liked the texture (i tried the tester), but too bad they don't have my shade.

  So.. this is how it looks like.. the packaging was ok.. not special, but quite nice..

i tried both, i like the lipstick, it looks natural on my lips and the colour just like the way i like it. the ball blusher is sooo pigmented, soo pinky on me,,, i was just stroke my brush a little, and surprised with the result how only one stroke was enough for both cheeks.

before i wrote this post i checked the website to see and read more about this brand. the website is nice, very informative.

overall, i am glad that this brand came to Yemen. i would like to try more for sure, as they are cheap.. the lipstick is less than 5USD and the ball blusher is less than 10USD.. i can't remember..


White Lotus : Beauty on Budget said...

nice haul mba, salam kenal :)

Lovely CosMe said...

The lipstick color is pretty!:)