Saturday, June 18, 2011

review : Skinfood peach sake toner

If you read my previous post about this skin food peach sake range here then you would know that this range works good on me. I enjoyed this skin care line so much that i just realised that the toner is only 1/3 left and the serum even almost finish and i didn't write a review yet, so here is the review for the toner.
what's written in the packaging:
and the ingridients list :
first, it smell lovely!! just the way i expected it. the fresh sweet peachy smell that you can enjoy while applying the product.. and.. there is alcohol in the ingridients list, and i know some of beauty bloggers nowadays really avoid alcohol as it could make your face dry and some other not so good effects. But this toner i think only contain a little of alcohol, bacause it feels light, didn't sting my face. My face became sensitive of alcohol since i live in Yemen, specially in winter, my face became so sensitive and couldn't stand alcohol. clinique and biotherm that worked well for me when i was in Jakarta, they didn't work good for me here because the alcohol i think too strong, made my face dry, red of irritation, sting and itchy feel. But most of skin food toner worked good for me here. including this one.
It absorbs really quick and good too. after washing my face, apply this toner, and ready for serum and emulsion. love, love it!

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