Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unfinished Products..

What did you do to all products that you don't really like, or even worse, products that broke you out ?
1- you just put them aside, sometimes you don't even remember you ever bought them, and one day when you were cleaning up your room you found them expired
2- give them away to someone else
3- throw them away straightaway
4- try to use them for different purpose

Last year when i had an indonesian maid here i used to give her all the products i don't like, and she would love to try them. Some even she packed it home to her village in Indonesia. My new maid now not that type. she doesn't like to try something new. Once i offered her one of my shampoo i didn't like, she chose to stick with her current shampoo. so.. now i have no idea what to do with them. All this time i just put them aside in the next empty room (guest room, actually) until recently i realized that.. that's it, i would never use them anymore. no need to keep them. They are here for some reasons. they will not stuck here if they are good. All good products or products i like stay in my room and i will not put them aside until i finish them. so, it is time to put them in a plastic bag. I will give them to my maid, it is up to her whether she will use them or throw them away.

anyway, this is the list of my unfinish products..

  • sunsilk hair cream hair fall solution
  • palgantong theatrical powder pearl beige
  • palgantong one touch bb cream
  • bioglo goats milk beauty cream
  • bioglo clear pore deep cleansing mask
  • biotherm clarifying lotion
  • eva honey hair cream
  • banana leaf hair crystal
  • gold cacao pack
  • oriflame milk&honey 2-in-1 face cleanser
  • l'oreal true match pact powder
  • l'oreal true match foundation
Actually, some of products are not that bad, some even good, like l'oreal true match powder and foundation, i used them until maybe 2/3 part.. but then i bought another products, in this case, i think i stopped using them because i bought skin food powder and bb creams.

well, now it is time to say good bye to them!
in fact right now my daughter is playing with them..

how about you girls? what did you do to your unfinish or not so favourite products?


Stephanie said...

I sell them on Kaskus ^.^

Lovely CosMe said...

Me,option no:1,2,4,and sell them on kaskus:D..
Ah,I didn't like my palgantong bb cream from palgantong morning set.For my zamian,I use it for body mask..

galleryibu said...

i think if i were in jakarta i will sell them on kaskus too :)
zamian for body mask? hmmm can't think how mess it would be when you rinse off..:)

Lovely CosMe said... least it will add some glittery to your body.Bling-bling effect always sounds good:)..
Di yemen ngga ada forum kaya kaskus gitu?di yemen online storenya menjamur kaya di indo ngga?

galleryibu said...

hehehe.. yemen itu masih jauh terbelakang dari indo say..temen2 aku di sini aja banyak yang belum bisa internet.. kalau yang pada kerja sih bisa tapi sekedar email dan browsing google doang..

Lovely CosMe said...

O ya?hmm..apa karena cewe2 di timteng byk dibatasi yah? Btw,di yemen kalo terima surat juga pake kah? Soalnya entah napa kalo urusan sama org timteng,mereka tu hampir ngga pernah pake alamat rumah buat alamat pengiriman surat mereka loh! Di yemen gitu juga? Kalo di indo yg pake kan tertentu aja..

galleryibu said...

hehe yup. di sini semua pake aku aja ga tau alamat rumahku! hehe ga terlalu terorganisir sih..cuma jalan2 besar yg ada nama jalan dan nomor.. di sekitar rumahku ga ada plang nama jalan apa, rumah nomor berapa..hehe out of topic.. but nice to share..