Friday, June 10, 2011

review : skinfood banana yogurt mask wash off

This mask from skin food is one of the favourite i guess. Because before i decided to choose which one to buy, i made some research from the net, looking for skin food mask wash off review. And i found that this is one of the favourite, together with rice and black sugar. Many bloggers wrote good reviews about this, so i chose this because i have tried rice and black sugar wash off mask.
what's written there:
yogurt mask with banana extracts to prevent skin dehydration and softly soothe sensitive skin
to use: after cleansing, gently massage over dry face.leave on your face for 10-15 minutes.rinse off.

So, how is it?
when i first opened the packaging, i could smell the sweetness straightaway.. for me, it doesn't smell like banana. well, maybe yes but banana in artificial way. for me it smells like that big bubble gum when we put a coin in a machine and a colourfull bubble gum will come out.. for me, i like it. But for somebody else the smell could be too much or overwhelming. too sweet.. too cute.. like this product is for teenager.

the texture, see yourself
ooopppss.. i almost finished it.. i hope you can still see it. it is creamy but not sticky, with a little beads like for scrubbing.
so,i just massage the products on your face and leave it there for a while.. by the time i rinsed it off, i could feel my face became soo moisturised, and i was a little bit surprise when i looked at my face in the mirrow, my face was whiter, lighter, sooo clean. although it didn't say it has whitening effect, but it gave some whitening for a while (yup, only some hours i guess).
and i loved it when i put my emulsion or cream, it felt nice, moisturised, and i got that moment that i couldn;t stop touching my face..haha

what i don't like from this product is of course, the packaging. it is like.. you have to keep on dipping your finger there to get the product? urrrggg... unless you use clean spatula or spoon..

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Tira Misu said...

Thanks for the review! =) Was thinking about getting the Banana Yoghurt and Papaya Yoghurt Mask. ^^