Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skinfood peach sake series

I think this line from skin food is one of the favourite, specially for indonesian, who mostly have oily-combination type skin. I fell in love straight away since the first time i tries the serum, a sample sachet i got. and of course, it was the nice, sweet scent that gave me "love at the first smell" haha.. and when the serum turned out to be great, i just bought the series of toner, emulsion, serum and silky finish powder.
I bought the bb cream sample 5ml too, and it was fininished so i don't have the picture there.
pic from skinfood website
Here i will just give my general thought about this range. later i will review the products one by one. 
so, in general, i think this is a wonderful products from skin food. specially the skin care (toner-serum-emulsion). the bb cream and silky finih powder are just average, so so, not really special.
You know why i said wonderful? ok i will tell you this.
The problem with my face is... my nose. the pores on my nose are big, and as you can guess, yup.. blackheads, whiteheads, you name it.. KOMEDO, in bahasa. arrrrggghhh.... so, nose strip(biore) is my friend for many years.I remember when i was still in Jakarta, i used nose strip twice a week! because all that blackheads,whiteheads came back in two days.Then, there was this another wonderful product too that i didn't mention here, which is etude house pore tightening sleeping pack. after regular using of that etude house product for a month or two, i used pore strip only once a week, sometimes even once in 2weeks.ok, that's good progress.(will review this product later)

then i started using peach sake skin care line 2 months ago. moring and night, never missed toner-serum-emulsion aplication.
today, i am so proud to tell you that.. it's been more than 3 weeks i didn't use nose pore strip!!
sometimes i looked in the mirror, checking my nose, do i need pore strip? no! my nose is still fine!!
i don't need it yet! i will, of course maybe in 2 or 3 days, as i started seeing them showing up, not as much as before, but enough to notice and i would still need pore strip. i guess you can't just get rid of them forever right. but heeyy.. 3weeks??!! that's a very good progress, and that's why i love this peach sake line!!

in fact, i was wondering why skin food has no more product ranger like this. all their new products are for whitening and wrinkle care. i wish they will have new products range soon for sebum line.


sugar sugar said...

great review! :) glad it worked well for you.
i like their caviar line too.

cominica-ai said...

nice review! i love their parsley and mandarin line (for trouble skin) :D

galleryibu said...

cominica-ai.. do you have a review about parsley and mandarin line? i have been wanting to try it but i was looking for tester first but couldn't find it until now

Nopinoph said...

sis, bagusan mana series skinfoodnya? tomato, cucumber atau peach?

galleryibu said...

nopinoph.. aku sih paling suka yang peach yaa.. wanginya paling enak dan efeknya berasa.. tapi ya tergantung kebutuhan kulit masing2 sih

Wanda Panda said...

nice review!:D
i think i will buy peach line for next PO.
how about tomato line? did you ever try it?

galleryibu said...

wanda panda-- yes i have. you can read the review here