Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nightmare for my hair!

When i decided to write this post, i was thinking what would the title be, i was thinking "disaster for hair" or "bad hair day products" or "nightmare for hair" anything that express this 2 products. hehe.. serously, it is a nightmare.. the bad hair day is not just one day but two days! gggrrrrrhhhhh
ok, i will tell you which products i am talking about:
Both products are random products i found here in Taiz, Yemen. Never heard both of them, so of course i didn't expect much, but i didn;t expect it will give me bad hair days 2 days in a row too!!
The first one on the left is Eva honey hair cream, made in egypt. and the second on the rignt is banana leaf hair crystal, made in PRC.

from the packaging it suppose to give my haie shine, add texture and volume, moisture, nourish and soften..bla bla bla.. i didn't expect that much!!! i bought extra hair product just for the moisture and soften effect. the weather is so dry in Yemen, my hair became tangled and not soft anymore,, so i need some cream.. but this cream.. o my god...the direction for use, it said can be used on wet or dry hair. so i tried both.
the texture itself is weird... too thick and it didn't absorb to my hair,, smells weird too, and the worst part is that it stay there on my hair!! i mean, it was sooo hard to remove this cream from my hair... whaaattt... i washed my hair, applied shampoo twice, and couldn't remove the cream, it was like sticky thing that you couldn't remove.. arrrrgggggaaaa....ok, another shampoo.. but still... now it was like oily thing stucked in my hair,, so i gave up, ok maybe after i dried my hair it will be better.. and.. nope. even worse.. it seemed like i couldn't dry my hair.. no matter with hair dryer, natural wind, my hair was oily allllll day..the cream stucked there like an oily stuff.. the next dry, even i applied shampoo again, the cream didn't compeletly removed.. so it was 2 days bad hair days...

Now to the second product, which is Banana leaf hair crystal... it looks so cool with the clear packaging and the ginseng inside, looks do natural,, but it is not cool at all!
can you read the last part written there? it said, "can drying be applied before and after hair" HA? what is that mean? lol. well, i guess what they meant is that you can apply this product before or after drying your hair..
this product is just same as the first one. a total disaster!! smells terrible, and also hard to removed.. even my husband noticed and asked, "what's wrong with your hair? why is it so oily?"
this product also give me 2 days in a row with bad hair day..
the first time i tried this product was before shampooing, and i tried again after shampooing.. and the result was same. disaster!! so, that's it!! i will throw this product away!!


Lina Kim ♥ said...

I can't believe that there's such a bad product O_O I got so "awee" just looking at the broken english they put on the product. lol...

Lovely CosMe said...

well,it should be written:can drying your hair after be applied on hair(due to excessive shampooing after using the product)..:D Seriously,i think pure olive oil is better than this product.Don't you think so?;)

zarfishan shabbir said...

Oh finally I found out what exactly Banana Leaf Hair Crystal is. Can we say oil? Moisturizing gel?

I've this product since four years now and I had no idea what I can do with it.

I live in UAE and hence I've bad hair. Thanks a lot for a review!

Shrizu Rajbhandari said...

its true this product is a total disaster..i bought it yesterday i thought it would help my hair but its trulty a nightmare..

Samara Morgan said...

I think that this banana thing is cool for protecting the ends, because it's just a big silicone bomb. I use only natural shampoo (Amla and Shikakai powders plus boiled Reetha), use Banana leaf after washing hair and have no problems. If you check the ingredients, it's obvious that you can't put a lot of this product on all your hair :)